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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


We Deserve It All

That's the ticket. It doesn't matter what it is, we want it and we want it now and you can't stop us from having it.

French students and their idiotic parents are marching in lock step against a government proposal to allow, geez, allow? a French company to fire an employee under the age of 26 within the first two years on the job without a reason. Waaaaaaahhh! What stupidity! They think they deserve that job and they deserve it forever because, well, because they are French and that's the way the French society is supposed to work, dammit! Never mind that the unemployment rate is around 25%! Would we like to emulate that in this country? I know many people would.

Just as asinine, in this country we have illegal aliens and their cry-baby supporters marching in the streets protesting proposed changes in our immigration policy that would tend to tighten things up a bit and permit fewer illegals to live here. They feel they deserve to live in this country no matter what and hey, they're here now, so just try to get rid of them. They think our country needs them more than they need our country. Bye bye illegals.

A few months ago there were Muslims rioting in the streets of many countries protesting some stupid cartoon drawings of their prophet Mohammed.(I don't know how this should be spelled and I really don't care). They think they deserve to be listened to and those offensive(to them) cartoons should be stopped and the men who drew them should be killed. They deserve this because the cartoons are insulting to their religion and their opinions are, of course, what is of ultimate importance. Shit!

Several months ago we had people marching in the streets in this country protesting our involvement in what they see as an illegal war run by what they see as an unelected president who should be removed from office. They want what they want and they want it now and damned to anyone who doesn't agree with them. They just don't get it. Cindy Sheehan needs to go share a nest with her pal, Hugo Chavez and shut the hell up.

It all makes me sick to my stomach. It makes me want to puke and it makes me want to just give up and surrender to the increasing idiocy I see around me everyday. All the negative news stories bombard us constantly. Everyone has an opinion on what somebody else should be doing to make themselves, and us, right. I'm just sick of it. I can''t stand it and it's driving me slowly insane.

I have no solutions. I see no end in sight. I see no positive hope on the horizon. This country is doomed and so is the world. It was a nice ride but all societies eventually must end. I only hope to outrun it to the grave. Yeah, it may sound morbid, but I think and hope that I will be dead before all this ignorance, idiocy, stupidity and gimme crap kills me.

I would like to die peacefully, stoned and smiling and completely oblivious to the lunacy that is taking place all around the world. Kind of like a turtle, I will withdraw into my shell and live a peaceful, shrouded existence until it come to an end. Friends and family are always welcome but keep the illogical-thinking bastards away from me. And that's what I deserve.

And that's all I got to say about that!


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