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Monday, March 26, 2012


Fingers Crossed in Anticipation

It starts today. The Supreme Court is taking up the issue of the constitutionality of the Obamacare law. Finally. This hideous piece of legislation is coming under the scrutiny of the Supremes with their decision due sometime in June.

I think most logical, thinking people who have studied this law realizes it is a ridiculous attempt to gain control of the American people and the economy by forcing citizens to buy a product from the market. Of course one cannot just buy whatever policy one desires, it must be a policy that includes all the things the federal government deems it necessary to contain. If not, it's penalty time.

I am not optimistic about the forthcoming decision from this branch of the government. I should be. There is nothing constitutional about it. But past decisions by this court, see Kelo vs. New London concerning property rights or Gonzalez vs. Raich concerning the personal growing of medical marijuana, have me adopting a cautious attitude about the official verdict.

It truly seems remarkable to me that we are having this discussion in this country in the first place. Liberty, justice, freedom is what we were founded on. Government deciding for us which insurance we will buy does not fit the description for freedom. Whatever happened to individual choices and personal responsibility? Rhetorical questions.

Democrats say they did this to ensure everyone gets the same medical care. Everyone will need it at some time in their life so why can't the government require everyone to insure themselves?


It is each person's responsibility to provide for themselves and their families as best they know how. I know I have written about the axiom that most men do not truly desire liberty, they simply wish for a just master. But America was not founded for most men. It was founded for all men.

Freedom comes with a price. That price is responsibility. When individuals give up their responsibilities and allow government to be responsible for them, they give up their freedom as well. It is as simple as that.

Want to make your own decisions? Great. Do so. And accept the responsibilities that come with it. If the Supreme Court decides that this vast intrusion into our daily lives is necessary and proper and constitutional, then I fell there is no hope left for the long term survival of our country.

I have nowhere else I would rather be than in the United States and I still feel I will outrun most of the idiotic legislation our Congress passes but I feel very bad for my daughter and my grandkids because they will not experience a lifetime of freedom that I have been able to enjoy.

The people's contract with our government is front and center in Washington, DC this week. May the Justices of the highest court in the land be faithful to the people who love this grand experiment and help put us back on a true and proper course as envisioned and documented by our founders.

My nickel.

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