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Thursday, May 12, 2011


More Cognitive Dissonance

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead. Osama Bin Laden is lying with the fishes.

I think this kill is the most glaring example of cognitive dissonance I have seen yet.

This SEAL team mission was to kill Osama. We learn from our progressive pundits that this is an entirely legal and justified purpose of using the US might. I do not disagree.

But what if the SEAL team had captured this man and brought him in for questioning? Then they would have only been able to ask him questions and nothing more. Punching him after capture would warrant an investigation and possible trial for violating his human rights. Such as what happened to the soldiers accused by a captured terrorist in Iraq of punching him after detaining him.

So outright killing a terrorist is OK but hitting him is not within our moral values as a Nation? Crazy. Cognitive dissonance. How does a person live with oneself while having such a disparate set of ethics?

And have you heard the denunciations from the left about how the information used to locate Bin Laden was NOT gained through water boarding? Yeah, sure. Because water boarding someone is also a violation of human rights but killing him, well, it isn't. Just because we say so.

How about the National Labor Relations Board refusing to allow Boeing Corporation to build a new plant in South Carolina because it is a, gasp, Right to Work State. How dare this corporation make a wise business decision and build here ignoring the unions in Boeing's home state of Washington.

Again, I don't see how liberal minds live with themselves. Business decisions that create profit are demonized by the progressives as greedy and not taking into account the rights, hahahaha, of the workers. Funny, the workers aren't creating any jobs. But somehow Obama's flunkies on this board think unions are being discriminated against and these new jobs should, of course, be all union.

Atlas Shrugged is being played out live everyday all around us. How much longer can we endure this BS before the job creators take their ball and go home? I wonder if the anti-capitalists in this administration will ever make the connection between their job-killing ideas and the fact that jobs are not being created. What is the sound of one hand clapping? Cognitive Dissonance.

My nickel.

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