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Saturday, June 20, 2009


A Vote for Iran

I've been watching the videos from Iran the past few days and have been amazed at these people. Good for them. Standing up to an oppressive government and speaking their minds. You gotta love the way they get out the news through Twitter and YouTube. The Ayatollahs are finding out it's much harder to control the means of communication these days. Hooray for the Internet.

I wish the Iranian people well. I hope they make their voices heard and their wills known. And I hope they make Iran a better place to live and a peaceful society and throw off the chains of oppression and discover true freedom.

I think it's a shame that we here in the Land of the Free seem to take our freedoms and liberties for granted all too often. We seem to give up our rights and responsibilities all too easily. We almost beg our own government to take care of us in exchange for security and stability. Whatever happened to the spirit of the average American, pulling himself up by his bootstraps and working hard to hopefully enjoy the good feelings of a successful life? Instead we scream for the government to help us through the economic crisis, to provide for our retirement and our health care, to educate our children, to rob Peter to pay Paul to give us what we want now.

Too bad we've lost our way. Too bad for the Americans growing up today. Too bad for my daughter and grandkids. We've mortgaged our future to ease a little pain. We've robbed Peter and Paul is still screaming for more. What's the next step in this downward spiral?

I suggest we focus our attention on the citizens of Iran for a time and watch how people who have had very little freedom and few liberties behave when they've had enough of being told what is good for them by someone who cares not at all about how they truly feel. Perhaps we can learn some lessons on how to fight for your rights.

My nickel,

Monday, June 01, 2009


Right, Privilege or Responsibility

I'm talking about health care in America. Is health care a right, a privilege or a responsibility? The answer to this one question tells me a whole heck of a lot about you and your belief system.

Right, "noun":
that which is due to anyone by just claim, legal guarantees, moral principles, etc..

Privilege, "noun":
a grant to an individual, corporation, etc., of a special right or immunity, under certain conditions.

Responsibility, "noun":
Something for which one is responsible; a duty, obligation, or burden.

So now that the definitions are listed, which answer is the right one for you?

President Obama and many other politicians believe it is a right of every American to have accessible, affordable health care, regardless of the circumstances. I just want to know how one person can have the right to to take my income, through the form of taxes, to pay for their medical bills.

My neighbor could never legally or morally come to me directly and force me to pay for his hospital or doctor bill. His accepting medical care is his responsibility to pay for it but not by using my money. So how could health care for everyone regardless of circumstances possibly be anyone's right at all?

In other societies not built on the laws of a republic there are privileged classes where health care is probably truly a privilege. It doesn't work that way here. You do not need to be of a certain class or group or status in society to receive health care. Medicine is not only for the privileged in America, never has been. Anyone can walk into any hospital and receive emergency medical attention.

In this country health care is a responsibility. In fact, it is a responsibility in every country but some governments have taken on that responsibility. Some socialized countries have established a social fabric of health care aided, supported or managed by their governments because their citizens had determined that health care is a right. Those countries provide medical care "for free". But there is nothing that is "free" in the sense that there is a cost associated with everything. If you do not pay for it, someone else is. And I believe that if you use medical services, then you are the responsible party to pay for it. Not your neighbor.

It really is that simple to me. Health care is a responsibility period. You cannot demand that someone use their time and training to provide you with care if you do not intend to pay for it. Begging the government to take the "responsibility" for health care will not fix anyone's problems. You need to take that task upon yourself.

What, do you think the government should pay for everyone's life insurance, or car insurance or home owner's insurance? What about food. Surely no one can survive very long without food. Should the government be responsible for filling everyone's bellies to their satisfaction? Why not? If we want them to pay for our right to health care than surely we should have them paying for our right to food. Why is it any different?

We have already established too many entitlements in this country. Too much government doing too much private business. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid already the monster programs stretching out for decades and no way to pay for any of it. What is the point in adding another entitlement that will turn into another huge program and generate more incredible deficits? To give the people what they want? Phooey!

If people were smart enough to realize that politicians will tell you whatever you want to hear, perhaps there would be no need to worry about ever passing something as ridiculously stupid as national health care. But most people are not only stupid, they actually believe politicians when they are telling them something they want to believe. This program will be different. This time we will get it right.

Sure! And I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn.


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