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Thursday, January 28, 2010


King Barry

Wow! I've never heard a sitting president directly criticize members of the Supreme Court about one of their decisions on national television. I was listening to his speech, pretty much what I had expected from the man, when I heard him comment about last week's Supreme Court decision to overturn laws banning corporations from contributing to election campaigns. I immediately raised my head and thought, oh my, now he's dissing the judges. This can't go well.

He stood at his lectern and lectured everyone about his aspirations and grand designs for America. He condemned the Senate multiple times for not heeding the call of history and passing his plans like the House of Representative has done.

He accepted some blame in the failure of health care passage but only insofar as the delivery of the message not the message itself. He still clings to his beliefs that government is the only power that can improve American life. He graciously granted the Congress a reprieve from that fruitless effort but only temporarily. His mission is to create a health care bureaucracy even larger than Social Security or Medicare. This is his main reason for being in the White House, he says, and while it can be delayed, it cannot be left to die a natural death.

He said the same about Cap and Trade or the ridiculous Energy bill that the House sailed through last year. Social initiatives to spend money on which reap very little in return.

I think Mr. Obama thought his job would be a piece of cake considering the overwhelming approval heaped upon him during the campaign and the praise and adulation that the main stream media continues to gush about.

Tom Petty's old song, "It's Good to be King" is running through his head and no one can approach him and spill the beans that the king is wearing no clothes. The signs are there, he refuses to read them as such. He prefers to plunge onward in his fight for...... This is where I get hazy, who does he think he is fighting for and who is he fighting against? I can't tell.

He certainly isn't fighting for freedom, his every idea goes against that notion. He is fighting for his political life, perhaps, but that is not a fight most people want to be a part of. As for who he is fighting against, it is the American people. And I believe that most people by now realize that this is how he is.

His fight is for himself, period. He'll say what he needs to say to appease the public but deep inside he only wants to accomplish his goal of a fundamental transformation of America in his image. An image that, I hope, most Americans will reject with a vengeance.

Bye bye King Barry. It was nice knowing you. Can I say with feeling now, I really miss Bill Clinton.


Monday, January 25, 2010


Job Description

President Obama once avoided an answer on abortion during the campaign, saying that decision was above his pay grade. Now in an interview with Diane Sawyer of ABC News he stated what his job description is. According to him it is to solve problems and help people. Sounds like he's answering a question in a beauty contest. If that's really what he thinks is his job description, it's no wonder he governs like he does.

For too long our presidents and our congressmen and our senators have been acting as if it is their job description to "help people". If I ascribe any belief to that statement at all, it is only if the meaning of "help people" is to leave us the f... alone! Please and respectfully. We don't want your help!

A president's main job description is to protect, defend and uphold the Constitution. He gives it good lip service but he truly has no respect for what it says. We the people do not need nor want to be treated as subjects or children, being told what we need government to do for us. We just need to be left to our own devices to create and do whatever we do all willy-nilly with no central planning or targeted jobs creation or special handouts. A free market, a free society does not mean it must be manipulated by some governmental entity. It should be just that, free.

I hear Obama say that he just didn't get his message out to the people about health care last year. He said he was just too busy solving other problems and dealing with inherited crises that he couldn't spend enough time telling us about his great plans for us. If only he could explain to us his plans in simpler English, then perhaps we ignorant folks could see the light and the brilliance of his ideas for central government to be the helping hand that we need and just don't know.

I get the image of Garret Morris from the original Saturday Night Live cast in a small window in the corner of the screen doing his version of helping the hearing impaired by holding his hands around his mouth and shouting out everything that was being said by the SNL Newsman.

You see, we the people do not have the vastly superior knowledge of the president and his staff of advisers. So whenever he speaks to us about his plans to "fundamentally transform America", we just can't seem to understand it. He just needs to tell us over and over and sooner or later we will get it. I wrote years before about the 42,600 repetitions in George Orwell's 1984. According to the ruling Party that's how many repetitions it took to equal one truth. So we have a lot of speeches to look forward to, it seems. haha.

What he doesn't seem to understand though, is that most of us do get what he is saying. We totally get it. We just vehemently disagree with every facet of it. And speaking for myself, I will never, ever agree with what he and his fellow progressives are trying to do to this country.

So he can speak and preach and even beg and plead until hell freezes over and he isn't going to convince me that his ideas are worthwhile. It doesn't matter if he repeats his message 426,000 times.

Your job description, Mr. President, is to uphold the Constitution, not to help people. Please try to at the very least "do no harm" for your remaining time in that office. Hell, sit back, relax, play golf, drink beer, shoot hoops, travel the world. Just leave us ordinary Americans alone! We don't need your stinking help! We need you to get out of the way.

My nickel,

Friday, January 15, 2010


Catholics Need not Apply

Martha Coakley, Democrat candidate for Senator in Massachusetts, bared her idiocy in an interview. When asked about medical workers in an emergency room being able to exercise their right to refuse services that they personally considered morally objectionable, a right granted to everyone in this field, she replied "(……uh, eh…um..) The law says that people are allowed to have that. You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room."

Brilliant answer! Give this woman her promised, and obviously much deserved, seat in the US Senate. I'm amazed that she said that you can have your religious freedom in the first place, but come on. The woman certainly has thought this out carefully and considered every angle to conclude that you should stay out of the emergency room if you want to exercise your religious freedom.

This is what passes as the Democrats answer to Edward Kennedy. Going from bad to worse.

Massachusetts voters, please stop this idiot from gaining membership in the Senate. Please, please, please stop her!

Just read another article about Martha Coakley and her infinite wisdom. This lady gets better all the time.
Apparently she thinks this election is hers and she only needs high level endorsements to claim her seat. I think it is a very bad idea to shun Boston Red Sox fans when trying to become their elected Senator.

I repeat. Stop this idiot from entering the Senate!


Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Light of Day

The President's efforts to bring National Health Care to the American people cannot stand up to the light of day. Period. Mr. Obama and Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi will not admit that but it is a fact nonetheless.

How many times did candidate Obama promise that "his" administration would do business differently? That he would put the Health Care negotiations on C-SPAN so that everyone who wanted could watch and see who was making deals and usher in an era of complete transparency. Campaign rhetoric.

These negotiations have all gone on behind closed, and sometimes, locked doors. Only Democrats have been invited to these closed door meetings and only Democrats know what language is in their bills and how those deals were fashioned. Is this transparency?

What few deals we have learned about are far from common sense and rational. How does Harry Reid promise $300 million in breaks for Louisiana to garner the vote of one Senator? How does Nebraska become exempt from Medicare/Medicaid payments that other states have to meet? Or Florida? I mean really! Deals are always made to get legislation passed but has any piece of legislation ever required so many deals, payoff, tax breaks and exemptions to be passed? Doubtful. This is not "Change you can believe in".

The Democrats own this legislation completely and they seem to be proud of it. Why then won't they allow discussions to be broadcast to a curious public? Why are meeting rooms locked and Republicans excluded from all negotiations? Why do they feel like they have to hide behind 2000 pages of bullshit to force Health Care down our throats?

Why indeed. If the Democrats are so damn transparent, why don't they do these things in the light of day? Government in the sunshine, what a novel idea. But not practical when you're crafting bills that will suck the life out of every business and family in the country. Their only hope is that they can pass this monstrosity before enough public outcry condemns them to the scrap heap of politics.

If this bill is so good for America, why are there so many exemptions given to garner votes? Why are the unions Cadillac Health Insurance Plans treated differently than anyone else's health insurance? Why can't they discuss these things in the light of day?

Pitiful and sickening.


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