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Thursday, April 11, 2013


Hey Look, a Squirrel!

You know how the mass media are always so focused on what stories to cover and at examining the issues from various points of view so that the public has a good overall idea on what is happening in our government and have the data to make up their own minds?

Neither do I.  Hey look over there.  It's Beyonce and Jay-Z in Cuba.

According to the mainstream media, one of the major topics of discussion currently is gun control.  One might think that a survey of some 15,000 law enforcement officials across the country on their opinions about certain gun control policies would be extremely helpful information while discussing proposals for gun ......  Hey look, the Obamas are having a party in the White House.  Michelle looks so nice in her gown.

Obama says limiting the size of magazines, banning "assault weapons", (what does that mean?) and extending background checks is a common sense solution to curbing gun violence.  The law enforcement community does not feel that way.  But will the liberal media or politicians tell us the.......  Hey look, there's Mitch McConnell trying to sabotage Ashley Judd.

The president shut down the tours of the White House due to budget "cuts" ordered by the sequestration.  They also are closing Air Traffic Control towers around the country for this reason.  You might think the president would want some control over what to cut and how to.......  Hey look, there's an Easter Egg hunt happening on the White House lawn.  Did you know Easter is a Christian holiday?

I just read where Janet Napolitano is buying bagpipes for the Department of Homeland Security.  Now there's a good use of funds.  Much better that we have enough bagpipes on hand to stop the flow of illegal aliens, oops undocumented immigrants, from Mexico.  Or maybe the illegals can be trained to play them at Obama's.........  Hey look, Joe Biden says for women to just fire a shotgun up in the air or through the front door if they're worried.

There's a trial going on in Philadelphia for an abortion doctor, I use the term loosely, Kermit Gosnell who butchered babies in unsanitary conditions in his clinic for decades.  The atrocities committed by him would rival those in the "Hostel" movies. Snipping the spinal cord of a near term baby outside the womb and leaving it to "scream like a little alien" as it slowly dies on the table.  These atrocities are what we get with legalized abortion on demand.  Partial birth abortion is an issue that Obama supports. Do we hear about this trial and these atrocities and how Obama voted for.........  Hey look, James Holmes of Aurora, Colorado has a beard.  Wow.  Did you see Gabby Giffords today?  Doesn't she look marvelous?

North Korea is rattling their sabre again.  Kim Yong Un has grown up and now he has a full blown Army to play with.  Doesn't he look cute as he examines his troops.  Doesn't he sound crazy as he threatens South Korea and America.  Never underestimate the power of a crazy man with an army.  Do we have a missile defense system in place to contain him?  Didn't Obama tell us he was eliminating all of our nuclear weapons?  Didn't he cancel....... Oh look, the president is shooting hoops in the backyard.  He is such a good athlete.  And Michelle looks so good in her sun dress.

Yeah, politics is a wonderful thing.

Not sure how the squirrels feel about it, though.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Our King and Queen

Don't you just love our amazing and wondrous King Barack and Queen Michelle?  I mean, how could you not simply adore this beautiful pair of royalty our peasant society has elevated to be our rulers!

Do you see how they party?  Man can they ever throw a party at the White House!  I guess they have all the more leeway in that house now that they have canceled the public tours.  Good for them.  They deserve a little, no, a lot of fun and pleasure and hobnobbing with their elitist friends and specially invited guests.  No need to show off the people's house to the people when they have the grandest parties and galas that money can buy. Only the best for our king and queen.

Sequester?  What sequester?  Damn the people, our life must go on.  We are the royalty of America and we deserve to treat ourselves as such.  Marie Antoinette would be so proud.  Can't you see that this is how we Obamas should be living.  Let them eat cake, we don't really care because we don't have to care. We have no more elections in front of us so we can just enjoy ourselves however we desire.  The people who elected us simply want a just master. We are the people we have been waiting for.

You are all just stupid Americans and we are your just master.  We know what is best for you and this country.  You don't need to worry yourselves over our decisions, they are all for your own good.  Trust us.  We would never lead you astray. 

We will pass the bills to find out what is in them and we will rejoice at our good fortune to rule this great country and see the beginning of its downfall.  Uh oh.  Did I just say that out loud?  No matter.  these Americans are too stupid to know what we have in store for them and too adoring of us to ever believe we would do anything that isn't in their best interests. Hooray for us.

It's almost too easy.

Long live the King and Queen!


Tuesday, April 09, 2013


Chavez and Thatcher

Oh the utter gall and lack of sophistication of the hard left and the liberal mass media!  They praise the life of the Venezuelan tyrant Hugo Chavez and denigrate the life of the only female Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher.

And just why would I expect it to be any other way?

I'm always holding out hope that the political stupidity and hatred I have witnessed on the increase in my lifetime will finally reach it's pinnacle and start a downward trend towards sanity and more logical thought patterns.

My mistake.  The leftist politicians and media are so blatant and vile that it is just downright disgusting.  I learned growing up that if I had nothing nice to say about someone then I should say nothing at all.  Of course this is a generalization but the time of someone's death is surely the obvious point in time to refrain from showing one's hatred towards the dead individual.

But to watch and listen to the response of the Iron Lady's death from the so-quick-to-throw-stones crowd makes me sick.  Slobbering over a Socialist dictator one week then spitting on a Capitalist leader the next is simply par for the course for these holier-than-thou progressive idiots.

Would that we could just ship all the liberal loonies to a country like Venezuela or Cuba and let them deal with their heroes Chavez and Castro on their own turf.  But I'm dreaming.

Oh yeah, I forgot that these idiots have their own idiot in charge right here in this country.  My oh my.  What have I been thinking?

God help us!  Please!


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