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Wednesday, August 04, 2010


It Could be Worse?

Really? You don't say, Mr. President? Heckuva job Barry. You are one amazing Organizer in Chief.

Crikey! Is he really serious? Sadly, the answer is yes, he is dead serious.

God help us all. The Messiah came into office so full of Hope and Change that he thought he was invincible. All of his worshipers agreed, of course, and his truculent little minions in Congress piled on the band wagon to witness the crowning of our king and the new power in action. They are all still waiting, as I am, for the earth to cool, the waters to recede and the healing to begin.

Once so full of promise and ideas the ruling elite in DC have begun to reap the rewards of their arrogance and in-your-face deals that contradict logical arguments and smack of an outright takeover of the country, made in their image, damn you ordinary Americans.

Obama-Pelosi-Reid sold the $862 Billion stimulus package as just that, a stimulus to boost the economy of the US. They said the unemployment rate was in danger of reaching, gasp, 8% if this bill was not passed. The bill was passed and the unemployment rate rose to more than 10% and has settled in at over 9% steadily.

Of course, the true unemployment rate is probably closer to 18-20% with the way they count people looking or not looking anymore for work, but whatever. The stimulus didn't work. But according to our illustrious president things could be much worse. The rate could be 14% or even 15% or more but for the stimulus spending. Wonderful! Heckuva job Barry, I say again.

Pat yourself on the back and raise that grade you gave yourself from a B Plus to a full blown A. After all, the economy could be worse.

Sounds like a great campaign motto to me. Go for it.


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