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Monday, October 20, 2008


Spreading the Wealth?

Joe Biden was asked about Obama's tax plan to give refundable tax credits to people who pay zero income taxes by raising the tax rates on people making over $250,000 a year. He was asked how this redistribution plan fit in with the American ideals of hard work and success. He responded by saying that "giving" people who work hard and earn less a break on their taxes is not called redistribution, it is called fairness. Oh, really!

Joe Biden also stated that paying income taxes is a patriotic thing to do in America. If indeed paying taxes is a patriotic thing to do, then why does he and Obama want to take even more people off of the tax rolls in this country? Shouldn't everyone have to pay at least a little bit to enjoy that patriotic feeling?

Barack Obama was asked by a man on the street if he was going to raise his taxes. He said, "I think when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody." And he is just the man who would spread that wealth around. Who do you suppose will benefit from this wealth spreading? Where does he get the right to decide how such wealth should be spread?

Obama has never properly answered how his plan will give "tax cuts" to 95% of working Americans. That is an impossible task since roughly 32% or nearly 43 million working Americans already have NO income tax liabilities, hence there are no taxes to cut. Furthermore, about 53% of those or roughly 23 million already get a "refund" check for earned income or child care. However many liberal bloggers and reporters have sprung to his aid on this topic. Their claim is that these people who pay no income tax are still responsible for paying "payroll taxes". So that justifies giving them, and in this case I do mean "giving", a check from the federal government. Money for Nothing! And your chicks for free. :<)

Don't like the way your plan is attacked on its facts, then change the definition of a few words and voila! Liberals are very good at reframing an argument. And the general public will probably buy into it because we really want something for nothing. Yes, social security and medicare have been incorporated into the general revenue stream as well as most other taxes. There is still separate tax rates for each service. You're not talking about cutting those tax rates. You're trying to label a check to people as a tax cut! That's ridiculous and that's what liberals do all the time.

Why do liberals think that half the population should be paying absolutely nothing towards the running of our government. And why indeed should liberals be "giving" money to one group that is collected from another? It is truly redistribution and no amount of arguments calling it fairness or patriotism will ever change the fact that it is socialism.

Does this not scare people to death? It scares the hell out of me. Why should anyone in government be able to pick winners and losers? Who in government is wise enough to decide the proper amount of wealth and stuff any one person should have? Will Barack Obama be like old King Solomon and split the baby in half in the name of fairness? I don't want a king in this country, I want responsibility, period!

I do not dislike Senator Obama. I think he is very charismatic and quite likable. He is certainly a dynamic speaker and has the ability to insire people, an ability that is rare among public personalities. But his ideas for running our country are wrong and dangerous. He will not inspire people to further this country, he will inspire people to take more from this country. His is not a recipe for success, his is a recipe for following socialistic Europe further down the road to nowhere. Kiss American Exceptionalism goodbye.

Kiss America goodbye. Once the triumverate of Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have control of our government, we will no longer recognize it as our beloved country. It will become the New Order of Socialism and we will no longer be world leaders, but world followers. God, help us survive these idiots.

My nickel,

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