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Monday, July 31, 2006


Dazed and Confused

"I've been dazed and confused for so long it's not true." Led Zeppelin sang this song about a woman. Easy to understand that point of view because, well, women are just plain confusing to me and to just about every other man on this planet, I would suppose. But I'm not talking about women in this post. I'm talking about politicians and those politically inclined to follow politics.

I am the one dazed and confused. Man, I wish I was this way because of a drug habit, or a woman, cause then it could be fixed. But I am this way because I cannot understand what our politicians are saying and doing anymore. Not that I ever had a lock on what politicians say or do but as time goes by, they become harder and harder to understand.

Granted, all politicians owe their careers to the people they represent and therefore are prone to making some rather incongruous decisions balancing their beliefs with their constituents. But as I see politicians today, a very small percentage of them actually make decisions based upon what is right or wrong or what is actually Constitutional or even what is best for this country or their region of the country.

No, sadly today's politicians are firmly on the side of themselves and what they can get out of political life. Their decisions are based on what is good for them or for their party in the upcoming elections or for getting face time on television. There is but a handful of politicos who think their job is truly to serve America. It's a sad state of affairs for our sad states but it is proven true day after day.

How does a self-proclaimed terrorist organization like Hezbollah or Hamas get any sympathy for their blatant actions against Israel or America. They enter a sovereign country and take soldiers and kill civilians and then run away and hide amongst civilians in another country. Then they shoot rockets at Israel from locations near Lebanese civilians and cry foul when Israel strikes back and innocent civilians are killed as a result. Duh! Nice tactics for sleazeballs.

Kofi Annan condems Israel for killing civilians in their targeted attacks against the terrorists yet never says a word against the terrorist organizations for violating Israel's borders in the first place nor for using the cowardly tactic of hiding amongst civilians to protect their sorry asses. Kofi Annan is so dazed and confused about things that he thinks the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. How's your boy doing these days, Kofi? Can you say Oil for Food?

I'm confused at how anyone, I mean anyone, can possibly think that negotation is the way to deal with terrorists. It has never worked and it never will work. Why does the world condemn the United States for waging a war against terrorism and its primary participants, Islamic Radicals, and then have the gall to condemn us again for not stopping Israel from defending itself? You want it both ways. You are confused.

Perhaps negotiation works when dealing with reasonable people who can listen to and understand other people's opinions. But terrorists are not reasonable people and they cannot listen to other points of view and they will not understand other points of view. They have made their intentions perfectly clear. Thier goal is to destroy Israel and the United States and every person who believes contrary to what the Islamic Radicals believe.

This is not conjecture on anyone's part. This is what the Islamic Radicals have stated openly and frequently and without a doubt. They want an end to Israel and all Jewish people and they want an end to all Infidels, termination with extreme prejudice to all who disagree with their religion. This is not hard to understand. Why can't we understand this?

This is why I am dazed and confused. Our avowed enemy has stated his intentions repeatedly and clearly. We hear but we do not believe. Many of our world leaders and the "peace-at-any-price-crowd" constantly tell us that we need to talk with our enemies and come to some kind of agreement with them. If only we would take the time to listen and understand them, we could work out a lasting peace where all sides could live together side by side in harmony. The cold hard fact is that we have listened and we do understand. They do not. The time for talk has run out.

Whatever we do to try to achieve peace by appeasing the terrorists is actually fueling their fire to demand more and more concessions. Israel gave up land in Gaza and received kidnappings and mortar fire in return. The civilized world is trying in vain to get Iran to forgo their nuclear ambitions and receive a resounding a no way in return. Kim Yong Il, the little gargoyle, is trying desperately to be relevant by using nuclear arms as a way to get the west to give him whatever he wants in return for not pursuing nuclear arms.

I say enough talk already. The aggression is continuing in the Middle East and it should continue until one side ultimately prevails. Which side it will be that prevails is definitely under question. Listening to our media and world opinion, it feels like the terrorists have already won this thing. Israel may as well go ahead and bomb the crap out of Hezbollah until they have no more bombs to drop. How about a fight to the finish.

Mass extinction may not be a truly desirable end but it may be the only end possible. How do you terrorize a terrorist? How can you stop a people who willingly take their own lives as long as they can also take out some Jews or Americans in the process? It's kind of like killing the undead. They are already dead so what victory is achieved by killing them again. But they need to be killed. Every last terrorist needs to be killed. No talking, just death.

Led Zeppelin said, "Lots of people talk and few of them know, Soul of a woman was created below." Seems to me like the soul of a terrorist was also created below. I'm not sure where the souls of the appeaser-crowd were created but they are certainly acting like they are dazed and confused.

My nickel.

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