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Friday, August 28, 2009


Who's the Boss?

I thought after last year's successful campaign by Barack Obama that we would see a real change in a leader taking control of his situation, setting his agenda and pushing his priorities through Congress. What I have seen is a leader abdicating his leadership role to Nancy Pelosi, taking his agenda from Rahm Emanuel and pushing his priorities to the people as if he were still on the campaign trail.

Give it up Barack! You won the damn election so get off your campaign horse and start acting like a leader instead of a campaigner. You thought this was going to be easy, didn't you? You thought that Americans were in love with you and anything you even mentioned would be grasped by someone in your party and taken to completion with no guidance or forethought by you required. You couldn't have been more wrong.

How arrogant you have been in your rush to criticize everything Bush and most things American. You have gone on a worldwide apology tour for America which enabled you to pray for forgiveness for George Bush's numerous sins against the world. And the world loved seeing you apologize. And your sycophant followers in America loved your apologies as well. All was seeming right with the world again, according to the liberal mantras.

You squandered your good will immediately once you got in office by pushing a massive, ridiculous stimulus/porkulus bill that has stimulated nothing but Democrats demands for more pork and more government spending. You massive omnibus spending bill, the leftover task from last year's do-nothing Congress only served to further your party's desire for more power, more control, more spending, more government influence more of the same old shit we always get from politicians bent on making a name for themselves. And you followed that up quickly with the largest budget in US history including the largest single year deficit and you and your fellow Democrats patted each other on the back for ramming these things through Congress in record time.

I have been trying to decide if you are really an intelligent, thinking person who truly believes big government is the answer or if you simply like having the adulation and praise heaped upon you to mollify your tremendous ego. Either way you are proving to be an extremely ineffective leader of the free world and a disappointment to more and more people everyday.

It's a shame. I didn't vote for you, never would, but I always have hopes that a new president may actually prove to be more than what he seems. Someone who understands that once in office, the job becomes leaading with a rational mind and specific plan and methods of achieving your goals. I believe the only true agenda you believe in comes from the Rules for Radicals that your hero Saul Alinsky became so famous for. It's really a shame.

You have a limited time in office to accomplish your goals but you refuse to be straight with the American people about just what exactly those goals are. Because you know deep inside that your goals are not really the goals of the vast majority of the American people. Your goals are formed and hidden from the public because you know that if we knew your true intentions, there would be no f...ing way in hell you could accomplish them.

I wish you NO success in your agenda. I have NO desire to live in a socialized country. I have NO faith that you will wake up and realize you have been wrong. I have NO love for a president that thinks spreading the wealth around works better for everyone. I have NO doubt that America will be a worse place to live 4 years from now. I have NO idea how long we can endure the idiocy and scatterbrained approach to governing we have been seeing this year.

I do, however, believe that enough Americans loyal to the true spirit of a Constitutional Republic and what it means will rise up and present enough roadblocks to stop the mad rush to government health care intrusion and the idiocy referred to as Cap and Trade. I believe this will be stopped this time. But I fear we cannot stop it forever. Each generation coming up becomes more and more accustomed to government involvement in their lives and each generation seems to want and demand more of it. The tipping point is sure to happen sometime.

I only desire to outrun it.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Spaghetti Fight or Can of Worms

Mark Steyn wrote a piece for The National Review which encapsulates my thoughts perfectly concerning the Obama agenda for passing health care reform. He states:

It doesn’t matter what form of governmentalized health care gets passed as long as it passes. Once it’s in place, it will be “reformed”, endlessly, but it will never be undone. Same with a lot of the other stuff: Keep throwing the spaghetti at the wall. The Republicans may pick off the odd strand but, if you keep it coming fast enough, by the end of Obama’s first year the wall will be a great writhing mass of pasta entwined like copulating anacondas in some jungle simulacrum of Hef’s grotto. And that’s a good image of how government will slither into every corner of your life: You can try and pull one of those spaghetti strings out but it’ll be all tied up with a hundred others and you’ll never untangle them.

Steyn hits the nail on the head with this analysis, which can be read in full by following the link. Keep throwing the shit out there in different directions and different subjects faster than the news cycles can keep up and sooner or later something has to stick. The Dearest Leader managed to ram through the Stimulus Bill, the Omnibus Spending Bill and a vastly inflated Budget Bill fast enough score points with his progressive followers but later efforts to do the same with Health Care and Cap and Trade have hit snags.

So now I hear that Obama is planning on tackling Immigration Reform this year and "strengthening", not reforming, Social Security next year. Wonderful. This man sometimes acts like he's hopped up on Ritalin or something. He goes off on diversions like interjecting himself between a local police department and a friend of his simply because he is a black man and he really knows what it's like to be treated differently and he feels like he is a master of race relations. He alluded to this disturbing event between a white policeman and a black professor as a teachable moment for improving race relations and he is just the man to do the teaching. He has all of the answers, just ask him if you don't believe that.

I saw the policeman/professor incident as a "class" issue not a racial one. Not every incident between two people of different races is about the difference in race. Obama, being the great knower of race relations, sees everything this way. Kind of like a hammer that sees every problem as a nail, Obama sees every problem as a racial one. And he can fix it. Yes, he can. Can't we all just get along?

Just recently Obama was trying to play up his plans for health care and was upset about the opposition to his plans. He declared that he wanted the people that got us into this mess to get out of the way and not do a lot of talking. So, just sit down and shut up and let me run the country the way I want. You lost, I won. Get over it! The great Community Organizer has turned against community organizing? Only because these organizers have a different point of view than he has! Dissent is bad when it is happening to you, huh.

Hell of a thing for the president to say. Hell of a way for the president to believe that any American citizen should simply shut up and let him have his way because he won. Crikey! This is still America and his view is no more or less important, or right, than anyone else's. The only difference is that he has the bully pulpit to preach and admonish and shame and teach. And he obviously knows way more than us ordinary citizens, so we should put our trust in him and he will lead us to the promised land. Believe in Me and I will show you the Way. F... NO!

So I continue to watch bewildered and befuddled at the amazing indifference of our DC elites to the role of government in general, and to the people whose views differ from theirs, in particular. Have the Republicans learned enough from this man and from the reactions of those against his ideas to remake themselves into a party that can be trusted to do the "right", constitutional things if they manage to regain any power? I surely hope so but I won't hold my breath.

I have a Murphy's Law poster in my office that has hung there for about 22 years. I refer to it's many sayings frequently, they are often so very true. One of my favorite lines is this: "Once you open a can of worms, the only way to recan them is to use a bigger can." Obama has opened up a big can of worms with his shotgun approach to governance. I believe this to be a part of his plan, because once the can is open and the worms start crawling around, you have to at a very minimum go get that bigger can. Read the can as "government".

So whether the analogy is spaghetti or worms, it is all very slippery, slimy, sticky stuff that is hard to contain easily. Some of the spaghetti sticks to the wall and some of the worms slither away to cause trouble somewhere else.

In closing I'll refer to a line from a song from the classic Pink Floyd Album, "The Wall". "And the worms ate into his brain." Waiting for the worms.


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