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Thursday, December 19, 2013


Thank You Barack Obama

I feel I must depart somewhat from my usual line of thought to get this thought off my chest.  During the Christmas Season I often give thanks for and to the many people people who are meaningful in my life.  I have come to use my time in the shower every morning to go through my "thank you for" list to God.  Yes, I pray in the shower.  It seems to be the perfect time for reflection and cleansing my soul while I am also cleansing my body.

One person I have not been thankful for at any time is our president, Barack Obama.  He has been a disgraceful, pitifully incompetent, arrogant bastard of a president for 5 years.  There has been nothing he has said or done that I agree with.  I believe he is the most dangerous person we have ever had in that office and I sincerely hope our country can manage to stay a great country for his remaining 3 years in office.  Then we can hopefully start the recovery process to undo all the damage he has wrought upon us.

But as I am praying for my loved ones my thought process took a turn that I hadn't expected.  No, I don't feel sorry for this poor excuse of a president.  I don't agree with him still and I still believe he is truly an arrogant and dangerous man. But a slim ray of hope has appeared in my head.

Because this man is such an arrogant, elitist snob who truly thinks he know better than everyone else, his policies and decisions have awakened many sleeping people to the horrors of such a man running our country.  Because of Obamacare, more and more people every day are realizing just how dangerous and thoughtless and uncaring this man really is.  In fact, because of their blind allegiance to this man, many Democrats are finally being recognized for their failures to lead this country.  Hooray, I say.  Perhaps Americans are finally waking up to the realities of liberalism.

And for this potentially earth-shattering revelation we have the Man Behind the Curtain to thank.  This man who once said the problem he has in solving America's problems is because he is not Emperor.  It would be easier for him to remake the country in his image if he were in China, perhaps.  But, alas, he is restricted by the Constitution.  Which is really funny to hear him say since he has blindsided the Constitution more times than anyone can count.

But again, I am taking this opportunity to thank this man who has ruined so many, many lives for being exactly who he is and refusing to change.  Keep it up Barack.  You rock!

My nickel,

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