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Monday, April 19, 2010


Thank You, Mr. President

Yes, indeed. Thank you from the bottom of my anti-progressive/liberal heart!

There, I've said it. Now, you arrogant elitist, stop pissing me off!

You are truly amazing to me, Mr. Obama. Every day I am more and more stunned and disgusted when I hear statements from you belittling the Tea Party movement and its players. I am one of those players, Mr. president, and I am hopping mad at you and your arrogant enablers guiding my country into a cesspool of socialist/fascist claptrap and feel-good bullshit policies. Should I be thanking you for that?

You have the audacity to believe that the American people should be thanking you for not taxing us to death, in fact, even "giving" us a tax break. You keeping less of My money is not Giving Me anything. And any semi-intelligent person can look forwards and know that the recent health insurance reform bill will mean hundreds of billions of new and higher taxes in the near future. For everyone! Should we be thanking you for that?

Last year 47% of the working population paid zero income taxes. And 40% of those slackers actually received money from the government, which is nothing more than pure welfare. You state that last year you fulfilled your promise that 95% of the working people would get a tax cut. Interesting how that works if only 47% are even paying taxes to begin with. Is this the reason you feel we should be thanking you?

When nearly 50% of the workers are paying NO taxes and the other 50% are paying all of the taxes, who should be thanking who? When half of income-tax-paying citizens are paying refundable credits to the half who pay ZERO taxes, who should be thanking who? Welfare from the tax code, what an idea. A refund is now called a tax cut in Obama-speak. Is that what we should be thankful for?

Should we be thanking you because you haven't directly raised income taxes on earners under $250,000? Not yet, anyway? Did you forget about the cigarette tax you signed as soon as you came into office? Right there you broke your campaign promise to not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250, 000. Immediately you broke any faith someone might have had that you would be true to your word. Is that what we should be thankful for?

And the discussion about taxes always falls to Social Security and Medicare, the so called, payroll taxes. The President will argue that these are taxes paid for by the working poor and the "tax cuts" are rightly justified. But you forget that Social Security and Medicare are really "insurance programs" and therefore those deductions are truly premiums, not taxes. Should everyone be exempt from paying their insurance premiums? Is that something to be thankful for?

There was one campaign promise you made that I paid particular attention to when you proclaimed 5 days before the election. That you would "fundamentally transform America". That stood out like a sore thumb and it scared me to death. Almost made me yearn for Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps that is what you expect me to thank you for? Sorry, but I like America as it is or was before you came onto the scene. No fundamental transformation for me please. Thank you very much but I don't buy snake oil.

Taxes, taxes, taxes. Tea Party people don't detest taxes. We believe there are legitimate reasons for taxes and they are a necessary evil in societies. But you, Mr. Obama, have never met a tax you didn't like. Taxes for your ilk are a requirement to achieve your goals of government control, not as a means to fund a restricted government, but as a means to fund an ever more intrusive and far-reaching government. Perhaps I should be thankful for that?

To you and your followers, taxes are the means to control the people and to force them to follow the dictates of a centralized planning force in the government to guide this country, and its people, on the path they direct. You and your administration and the elitist progressives alike all think you know know better than the common person. You all simply "know" that you have the proper answer to every one of our problems and if we would just shut up and get out of the way, you could finish your work and give us a better life. I reject that idea and will fight you to the bitter end to resist these ideas in my country. We don't want your social brand of government in our country. You can't possible believe I should thank you for that?

Well, then again, maybe I should be doing just that. Without Barack Hussein Obama in the White House with his progressive policies and nanny-state solutions there would be no Tea Party Movement. It is directly because of this president and what he says and does that the common person is rightly riled up and agitated and is showing those emotions on the streets in protest. And that is always a good thing. To get the common man at more involved with what is going on in Washington. And I do sincerely thank you for that!

I I also sincerely believe that you, Mr. Obama, should be thanking the American workers, the high-achievers, the entrepreneurs, the people who actually DO PAY taxes for their money to fund your socialist ideas. How many more times will you chuckle and make jokes at the expense of hard-working, caring citizens who disagree with your ideas? From my point of view, you sir, have become the joke.

And nobody is laughing!


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