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Thursday, October 01, 2009


Government Competition

One of the main messages Democrats have been sending about a government run option for health insurance is that the private insurance companies need some competition to keep them honest. They feel that a public option for health insurance is the best way to generate more competition and help keep cost manageable. Of course, they completely disregard the fact that there already are more than 1100 insurance companies nationwide that offer health insurance plans. But because of draconian government laws these companies are not permitted to sell their products across state lines and, also because of government mandates, we, as individuals, cannot buy an insurance policy tailored to our individual needs, but must purchase coverage for things that the government says we need. I don't see how one more government plan introduces competition in the first place but I'll disregard that sentiment for now.

I want to shift to education for a moment and follow the Democrats logic, if that is possible. For years there has been an effort to introduce competition in education by increasing Charter Schools, home-schooling and private schools. Almost all of these efforts have been thwarted by Democrats, led by the Teacher's Unions, because they feel school choice is too important to be left up to individuals. They believe that government run education is the only way to go and they are afraid that introducing competition to government run schools will be bad for our children.

Where is their spirit of competition on this issue? If competition is so good for insurance companies, why isn't competition also good for education? The answer, of course, is that it isn't competition from the government, it is competition to the government. These same elitists, union members and control freaks heartily believe that only the federal government can manage education and insurance properly. The attitude, as expressed once by Hillary Clinton, is that we can't have people in this country going around making decisions for themselves all willy-nilly. I love that term, by the way.

But how did this country become the great leader in almost every area of life? By individuals going around making decisions all willy-nilly, of course. Government thinks it has all of the answers but truthfully government has no answers except for increasing the role of government. All decisions are made by individuals. All of government's money comes from individuals. All of government's power comes from individuals. Government is not the solution.

The truth would become obvious to everyone if pure school choice were allowed and if pure insurance choices were allowed. Government makes things cost more and run less efficiently. Always. No if, and or buts about it. government will screw up anything it tries to manage, and the only way to protect government's, and unions, interest in schools is to force people to use these schools. This gives them control of the educational process and allows them to teach us what they feel we should be taught.

By creating a government option for health insurance, they would then be able to control all facets of the health care industry. Individual choice be damned. Government knows that most people really don't want to be bothered with these things and if they can only manage to sneak this lunatic idea past those of us who are paying close attention, then they will be able to control our very lives as well as our education.

Make no mistake about it, this fight is not about health care, it is about control. Government wants to control us, our very lives on a daily basis. They want to guide our actions and they want to eliminate individual thought inn the process. We should become good members of state because the State knows best. After all, do you ever see Congress going around making decisions all willy-nilly?

Oh, I am funny sometimes.


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