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Friday, April 27, 2012


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

Do you remember Gomer Pyle and his classic phrase?  Do you remember Gomer Pyle?  He was a side character in the original And Griffith Show who worked in the gas station, was a true country rube and eventually enlisted in the Marine Corps and starred in his own self-titled show.

Once again the government's economists, really?, and the journalists supporting this administration are completely surprised by the GDP and monthly employment figures.  The term they always seem to use is "unexpected".

Every month these prognosticators doing the PR work for the arrogant idiot in the White House expect the economy to improve.  And every month these same people are surprised at the unexpected increase in job losses or the unexpected decreases in new jobs created.  Every month they have the same reaction. Unexpected.

What is one definition of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Hence the surprising and unexpected results of the same failed predictions of an improving economy. Sounds kind of insane to me.

The economy is not going to improve as long as this man is in the White House.  He has brought more uncertainty to his position than any other president.  No business in their right mind is going to commit to an expansion of their business until there is some certainty on the many governmental policies, rules, taxes and regulations that this administration continues to impose upon them.

Business likes consistency.  In fact, everyone likes consistency.  The only consistency in this administration's rule is inconsistency.  You can count on team Obama to baffle us with another government boondoggle nearly every single day.  He has a scattershot approach to governing,  He has all his czars and bureaucrats performing their attacks on business and society in every area of the government.  Too much for anyone to keep up with, he keeps blasting away at our freedoms constantly trying to gain control over every single aspect of American life. Throw enough shit and some of it will stick.

This is not the way to run a country and businesses are having none of it.  They are simply trying to survive until there is new blood in the White House.  If and when that does happen, I look for the American economy to soar like gangbusters.  If this arrogant idiot is granted another four years to drive us down, all bets are off. It's the end of the world as we know it.

And I feel fine.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


What Kind of "Math" are They Using?

Cue Joe Biden, mouthpiece extraordinaire. "I’m for the Buffett Rule because it just makes sense. Like the President says—it’s not class warfare. It’s math."

Mathematics is a scientific discipline that deals with rigid, known facts. 2 + 2 = 4. Always. Pretty simple stuff really. Until the President and his minions start preaching. Who would've guessed!

Obama's proposed increase in taxes on millionaires, his so-called "Buffet Rule", is what Mr. Biden is referring to in his quote. Surely he must be right, right? Increasing taxes to a minimum of 30% for incomes over $1,000,000 is not class warfare, it's math. The increase raises a projected $47 Billion in 10 years. The projected deficit in these 10 years is $6.4 Trillion. How much math skill does it take to realize that those two numbers do not reconcile?

Obama has repeatedly said that he would raise taxes on the wealthy for purposes of "fairness". Sure thing. This president is all about being fair, right? So how fair is it that nearly 50% of the working population pays exactly ZERO income taxes? What kind of math is that?

Obama believes the maxim that if you tell a lie, a big, big lie, often enough and passionately enough it will become the truth. He states he is not about class warfare, he is about math. After all, who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes? Isn't that how Groucho Marx would have phrased it?

Do you believe? I mean, can you feel the love?

Let's increase the taxes on those filthy, disgusting, evil rich people so that more of the common folks can enjoy my largess and give thanks to me, Barack, for making your lives better. Bow down before me and I will always ensure a strong middle class and a stronger poor class. The hell with the rich class(as long as I already got mine, anyway). Let's face it, folks, you just aren't really smart enough to know how much good and how many wonderful things I have done for this country.

England increased taxes on the wealthy a year or two ago and found the revenue generated actually decreased. Odd huh? Not really. When you tax something you get less of it. Economics 101. Kennedy decreased the tax rates and got more revenue. Same thing with Reagan. Same thing back in the 1920s with Silent Cal Coolidge. Lower tax rates means more tax revenues. Happens ALL THE TIME. Increase taxes, get less revenue. Decrease taxes, get more revenue. But not according to Mr. Obama.

Mr-I-am-So-Smart-It-Takes-a-Law-Degree-To-Understand-Me when I speak about the "group of unelected people" who are about to overturn the best damn legislation ever passed in this country by a strong, democratic majority, believes he can say one thing and do the exact opposite because no one of importance will call him on it.

And he is almost right. His media will surely not call him on anything that makes him look bad, and he can count on that. The people who can see through his inane, bullshit rhetoric call him out every day and that will not stop. Let's hope enough people know more about basic math than the president does.

Just remember, this is not class warfare, this is math. I am not a socialist. I am not trying to redistribute the wealth. I am not a crook. This is just MATH.

Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outa my hat. But that trick never works. This time for sure.

Hey Baracky, watch us vote you outa office. We get more votes than you and it's over. It's not class warfare. It's math.


Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Battling Straw Men

Democrats in general and Barack Obama in particular are extremely fond of using straw men while making their political points. Mr President is so attached to straw men arguments that he cannot make his points without one.

Consider this, how often has President Obama said that the Republican idea for health care is everybody fending for themselves? Really? When did any Republican say that? Ever? Truth is, it has never been said, or thought, by any Republican. But that does not stop Mr High and Mighty from pulling out that canard whenever he has a point to make about government mandated health insurance.

Dear Ruler frequently cites opposition concern over increasing regulations as Republicans wanting businesses and Wall Street to run wild without any oversight. He says a lack of regulations caused this country's worst recession since the Great Depression, which is so not true. He says Republicans want no regulations. No one is saying their should be no regulations at all. Straw man. He refuses to admit that he has anything at all to do with the anemic recovery. More regulations and more government spending, er, investments, please.

Republicans would have us breathing dirty air and drinking polluted water. Republicans would push granny off a cliff. Republicans would rather see tax breaks for the wealthy than to pay their "fair share". Those evil, nasty Republicans would "literally" take us back to the era of Jim Crow laws. I cringe whenever the man or his minions open their mouths.

Democrats loudly proclaim that the Republicans are waging a "war on women". Somehow the idea that the government mandated health insurance should NOT pay for birth control and the morning after pill has turned into a war on women. No one ever said that birth control should not be used or even that the morning after pill should not be purchased. The simple fact is that we don't think it is proper for government required insurance to include the cost of this type of coverage. But no one ever said you CANNOT have this, simply that you can and should purchase it yourself. Or buy insurance that covers it specifically.

How is this a war on women?

Obama wants to increase taxes on oil companies. Obama says often that there is no silver bullet for reducing gas prices. He says that anyone who says so is lying. Wrong again. The market is forward looking and looking forward this market only sees trouble because the president hates oil. And he loves taxes. Moratoriums on drilling and on permits for oil leases and pipelines have been thwarted by this president yet he believes that more taxes on oil companies is the answer to, what, more oil? No, more "green" energy is where he's headed.

He has never considered the idea that "future" increases in oil production will affect "current" prices. Oil is a world commodity and, of course, any increase in supply will affect demand which is how economics work after all. Silver bullet? Maybe not, but a sure-fired truth, not a straw man argument. Instead he offers us algae? Seriously?

Obama says Paul Ryan's budget plan is a Trojan Horse. "Disguised as deficit reduction plan, it's really an attempt to impose a radical vision on our country," Obama said in excerpts of his speech released Tuesday. "It's nothing but thinly veiled social Darwinism." Talk about obfuscation! His entire time in office has been spent trying to "radically transform"this country. He told us so before he was elected and he has been following through on that promise/threat.

Straw men of the world unite. Social Darwinism? Come on. I don't even know what he's trying to say here, except that he thinks any viewpoint that isn't his own is not even worthy of discussion, so he pounds away at it without really knowing what the plan entails. Doesn't matter to him, it isn't the liberal way, it isn't Barack Obama's way, so it must be stopped.

Obama takes to his podium and criticizes the Supreme Court, an equal branch of the government, by calling them a group of unelected people who should not suddenly overrule his signature legislation, Obamacare, because it was voted on by democratically elected members of Congress.

Straw Supremes? Can he really be so arrogant as to say that the Supreme Court should not strike down a law because Congress voted on it? That is their job eight days a week! How disrespectful can one idiot be? Rhetorical again.

Set them up and knock them down. When you're battling straw men all day, every day, the battles are hard. I wonder how he feels about Don Quixote.


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