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Monday, December 17, 2012


I Don't Know What a Gun Could Have Done!

The words of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.


After the horrific shootings of 20 kids and 6 adults by a mentally deranged former student of a Connecticut elementary school this is the great wisdom espoused by this leader of our most populated city.

And he was being entirely serious.  So are many of the liberal/progressive news pundits who have been outraged by this devastating attack on innocent children.  They seriously do not have any idea how the presence of a gun in the hands of the principal could have helped.

This is beyond stupid.

It was a gun in the misguided hands of a loony bin who knew there would be no guns in his target school that caused the mayhem in the first place.  Has the mayor never heard of fighting fire with fire. Would he bring a knife to a gun fight?

This is a man who travels around with an armed bodyguard(s) wherever he goes.  Do the guns his men carry not have a purpose?  Does he truly think a gun in the hands of the principal who was trying to stop the gunman would not have made any difference.  How helpless did this unarmed principal feel as she was charging forward to try to subdue the lunatic?  Yet she charged ahead anyway.  Does Bloomberg really think a gun in her hands would not have made a difference?

Sadly, he probably does truly feel exactly this way.  Liberals do not change their stripes very easily.  Even in the face of overwhelming odds that guns in the hands of good people can stop the guns in the hands of bad people, liberals still denounce any and all uses of weapons as protection.

Take away our guns and these situations will only increase.  Allow citizens, responsible, law-abiding citizens to arm themselves and to carry these arms with them everywhere and idiots like this one will never know who is armed and who is not.  They will think twice or three times about doing something so terrible as this if they value their life at all.  And they will be far less successful.

Take the guns from law abiding citizens and only the lawless will  have guns.  It's not rocket surgery or brain science to understand this simple concept.

Why can't liberals get this logic through their thick heads?

My nickel.

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