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Thursday, June 26, 2008


Maybe I'm Amazed

The topic once again is the US Supreme Court. But this time it is a good thing. Although I am not particularly in agreement with their decision about no mandatory death penalty for criminals who rape children, I'm not inclined to be outraged about it. The death penalty has its own set of issues surrounding it already.

But what I do find simply amazing, in light of the recent rulings against American civil liberties, is the overturning of the ban on handguns in the District of Columbia.

They got this one correct. Hooray. Finally challenged in the highest court, they have ruled that government cannot ban the possession or ownership of handguns because the second amendment confers this right upon individual citizens not just armed state militias.

Color me amazed, surprised and delighted, for a change.


Tuesday, June 03, 2008



Once again the Supreme Court has made a wrongheaded decision. Let's give constitutional guarantees to people we have fought against on a battlefield in time of war. Smart idea. That shouldn't cause a problem with anything. Wow!

Just picture a terrorist who was captured in battle in Iraq or Afghanistan waltzing into Federal Court, American Federal Court, and demanding that the person who captured him be present in the courtroom in for him to confront as allowed by our constitution for its citizens.

Now is that any way to fight a war? Hell no. I guess Democrats may get what they want after all. If any captured soldier can ask for and receive his day in our Federal court, then what is the point in fighting any wars at all?

Does this mean that being a citizen of the USA is meaningless? You can be in this country illegally and get free medical care, a driver license, welfare benefits and a free education. You can go to war with this country and demand a hearing in our courts. What is the point in having an American Citizenship if the benefits allowed a citizen are granted to every Tom, Dick and Harry in the world?

I am sick to my stomach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does Barack Obama think that this is a good idea? He feels that prosecuting prisoners of war in American courtrooms is the right thing to do. Since when have non-US citizens on foreign soil, let alone on a battlefield, deserve United States Constitutional rights? It is not in the Constitution. It is nowhere but in the fantasy minds of ulta liberals who seem to want to run this country in the ground at every opportunity. And they are doing so with the help of the Supreme Court.

Outrageous indeed!


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