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Monday, March 22, 2010


Keep Pushin'

REO Speedwagon is one of my favorite all time rock and roll bands. And one of my favorite songs of theirs is titled, Keep Pushin'. I sang this song in my head all the many hours I used to run training for the many road races in Hawaii and Florida I participated in. The song inspired me and it still does, to keep doing what I'm doing, no matter how difficult, until the goal is reached. This song will make the pain go away for awhile.

It seems the progressive wing of the Democrat party has adopted this mantra as well but for a detrimental purpose indeed. Keep pushin for universal health care. Keep pushin for energy laws that control global warming. Keep pushin for government control. Keep pushin for less personal decisions and more government mandates. Keep pushin for Senator Kennedy. Keep pushin for all the poor, poor pitiful souls who cannot exist in this life without a government handout. Keep pushin for progress. Progress towards what? Why progress towards making this country exactly like all the failed European countries, socialistic havens of good-intentioned idiots making decisions for all the uninformed, dumb masses of people who cannot seem to take care of themselves.

Yes, keep pushin for progress for the American people, as princess Nancy Pelosi said. Now there's a woman who surely has the very best of intentions for the American people at heart, right? Yeah, right. Mrs. Pelosi is the most dangerous politician in Washington DC. This old hippie beast has only her own self interests at heart. She cares not one iota about the welfare of her constituents. She only cares for helping to transform this country into a socialistic nirvana, where government is the sole arbitrator of virtually everything.

This old San Francisco hippie does a great dis-service to original old hippies, like myself, that grew up to realize that the individual is the important entity in the world, not the government, not minority groups or any group of any kind. Everything revolves around the individual. And anything that takes away individual choices and puts them in the hands of bureaucrats is inherently wrong and damaging to the structure of America.

There is something I've noticed about progressive politicians lately. Whenever they are about to pass or sign some giant piece of legislation that the public does not want or need, they always preface their actions on the fact that this is good for the American people. I cringe now whenever I hear the phrase "for the American people" coming out of a Democrat's mouth. It truly means that the American people are getting royally screwed and there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Back to the pushin again. The Dems really wanted a public option in this masive health reform bill. They couldn't quite muster enough votes for that right now so they settled for something less. But all the while they are busy thinking how next to push this bill a little further towards that government control. They pass an imperfect cap and trade bill hoping that some little piece of it will stick and they can come back later and push for more. Keep pushin is their mantra. Keep pushin until we are over the cliff. Until it's too late to undo what they've done. Keep pushin for just a little bit more.

They've been doing it to us for nearly a century. And they have been pushin at us from both sides of the aisle, Democrats and Republicans alike. The progressive movement started with Republican president Theodore Roosevelt. It continued through Woodrow Wilson, skipped a decade in the 20s and then started up again with a vengeance with FDR. Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have pushed it to the limit. How far can they push before we stand tall and push back? How many times will they lead us down the path of self-destruction before we refuse to take it anymore? I can only wonder and grieve because I think most Americans are too tired of this fight and too many of us just simply don't care. Too bad.

This is/was a great country. American exceptionalism aside, I think we have lost the will to keep this country great and have determined that we are just another country after all. Like Europe, we will traverse the long and steady decline into financial oblivion and we will not emerge the better for it. I hope like hell I am wrong. But if we are to choose individualism over governmentalism, we must do so right now. The time for hope and change is upon us. Will you be on the side of Americans as individuals or will you be on the side of group think ceding power over your life to bureaucrats who think they have all the answers?

Keep pushin indeed.


Keep Pushin - REO Speewagon

I used to be lonely
till I learned about livin alone
I found other things to keep my mind on
And I'm gettin to know myself
a little bit better
Whoa, I keep pushin' on
Keep pushin' on, yeah

Goin through all the changes
I made so many mistakes
oh yes I did
Tryin to leave behind the heartaches
And sometimes I think
I was a little bit crazy, oh yeah
Whoa, I keep pushin' on

Keep pushin', keep pushin', keep pushin', keep pushin' on
Keep pushin', keep pushin', you know you have got to be so strong
Keep pushin', keep pushin', well even if you think your strength is gone
Keep pushin' on


Well it's comin' together
I finally feel like a man
oh yes I do
I never thought that I'd be where I am
Oh everyday I wake a little bit higher
Whoa I keep pushin' on, oh yeah




Friday, March 05, 2010



Much kudos to Glenn Beck for exposing the strategy behind the Obama administration's rush to "fundamentally transform America". Observing the politics behind the present administration's shotgun approach to governing puts a logical face to the idiotic proposals these people have been blasting the country with for the past year. Didn't he just say in January he was going to concentrate on jobs? Yeah, like he can really create any new jobs. But he's back on health care. And he still talks about cap and trade. And nationalizing the student loan system. After essentially taking over GM and Chrysler and giving much control to the unions and elevating the head of SEIU to one on one talks.

Looking at the health insurance issue, it makes no sense to think that adding 30 million people, Dems numbers, to the health insurance rolls without an increase in doctors or medical staff and cutting payments to doctors under Medicare will actually result in better service at cheaper prices and no type of rationing or additional waiting. There is no logic there. It will necessarily overwhelm the health care system and throw it into complete disarray.

It only makes sense as a strategy if you consider Cloward-Piven. These two were Sociologists at Columbia University in the 1960s. They published an article titled "The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty" in Nation magazine in 1966 in which they suggested that the ideal way to transform America is by overwhelming the welfare system by flooding the welfare rolls until the economics of the situation bankrupt it and forces(allows, screams for) government to completely revamp the system closer to socialistic goals. Obama just thinks it works better when the wealth is spread around for everyone.

They argued that the only way to truly achieve the momentum necessary to essentially destroy capitalism and move to a more socialistic society was to recruit as many people as possible, truly poor or not, into the welfare state until it collapsed. Once a system is in crisis and collapses, it can be remade into the image of the maker. By Cloward and Pivens thinking this means more wealth distribution and a far more important role for the Federal government to manage the day to day affairs of it's citizens. Destroy the system and remake it in order to save it. Kind of sounds like George Bush saying he was interfering in the free market to save it when the government rescued the banks.

Anyone who thinks that Obama is not adhering to this philosophy has not taken the time to truly think things through to their logical conclusion. Our president is a dyed-in-the-wool progressive who thinks he and his like-minded elitist friends have all the right answers to all of the country's problems. We are just too stupid to know that Obama knows best.

He stated that he doesn't know how the politics of pushing the massive health care reform bill into law will play out but he just KNOWS that it is the right thing. Trust him, he has all the answers and we need to just let him work his Obama Magic. Have at it then. Onward to destroying America as we have known it. Just progressing.

But health care is just one of many, many issues and areas that team Obama has assaulted with a vengeance in his effort at complete transformation. This is one scary man. Too smart for his own britches and such a good, convincing liar. Of course, it helps when the mainstream media is fully complicit in your goals and objectives.

I observe this man when he speaks and have noticed that he is a very eloquent and dynamic speaker whenever he is reading from a prepared text. But when he has to answer questions on the spur of the moment, he resorts to stammering and drawing out his sentences, as if he is deeply thinking through his answers. Actually, I think he is thinking through his answers but only because he phrases his responses so that they can be taken in more than one way. He is a big picture guy and details weigh him down.

He is really watching his words because he doesn't want to say what he truly believes. If he did, he would lose many of his followers because what he really wants is to remake America into his image, like Cloward and Piven and "Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals", and any good progressive would want. He will say whatever is necessary according to his current audience but his core beliefs are wildly different than what he says. His mental Utopia is far different than he would have you believe.

The "fundamental transformation of America" that they are "progressing towards" is total governmental control over everything. Where the rights of the citizens are granted by and revoked by the government who obviously knows best. They will say anything and they will do anything that makes progress towards that goal. The progressive movement is exactly that, a movement towards social control over our economy, our health, our education(which they may already have), our rights, our jobs, our very existence. They won't get there by revolution, rather they will get there step by step. Little by little it happens as it has happened for a century already. One day, very soon, it may be too late to stop the movement and reverse it.

It all just makes me sick to my stomach!


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