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Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Stubborn Libertarians

I've often considered my political viewpoints as Libertarian and have had hopes that perhaps the Libertarian Party would gain in popularity as the Democrats and Republicans become more and more like each other. I still believe that a majority of people hold dearly to libertarian points of view more than they realize even though most everyone likes to associate their viewpoints with either of the prevailing major parties. I've always thought that was mostly because people like to be part of a mainstream group rather than a minor one even if they don't believe all of the particular party platform.

I now believe that that the Libertarian Party is pretty much useless and perhaps even dangerous. They certainly are a principled group of individuals! Libertarians hold admirable beliefs about the governing makeup and authority as written in the Constitution and one would think they might do well in control of major governmental positions. But that belief is just plain wrong.

Libertarians are stubborn. Stubborn as mules. They won't give an inch from their steadfast views in a spirit of compromise. They want things their way and their way only, no middle ground at all. They will never make progress with this attitude.

Why do I say that? The FairTax. Eliminate the IRS and generate government revenue from a retail sales tax. The IRS is one of the most behemoth institutions in our government and nobody likes dealing with them or their incredibly complex regulations. Nobody except Congress, that is. And they like it because it allows them to give perks and punishments to people through the tax code. They get to decide what behavior should be encouraged and what behavior should be rewarded by writing tax codes to benefit or hurt certain actions. And to keep themselves in office wielding power.

In everything the federal government does that causes the most harm and affects the most people, it is the Internal Revenue Service and its multitude of regulations. Which are constantly changing. At the whim of our esteemed legislators inside the beltway. With the scores of lobbyists peddling influence to gain favors for their interests. None of this is in the best interests of America as a nation or the people as a whole. It is all bullshit!

It should be a Libertarian's dream to end the IRS. It is my dream. But Libertarians have a funny way of looking at this issue, and others as well. They are so distrustful of government that they think we will actually end up with a FairTax and still have the Income Tax. They would like to eliminate the IRS but their distrustful and stubborn nature refuses to let them compromise on the issues. Instead they rail on the IRS and say that we should be paying no taxes. Useless position.

The government must be funded. What we would like the government to actually be funding is an entirely different question. The FairTax does not delve into that debate. It is only meant to replace the current unfair taxes, not to reduce the amount of overall money the government receives in taxes. In order to make progress, you must separate the two issues. If you do not, nothing will ever change.

So I have changed my viewpoint on Libertarians now to more accurately reflect their positions. That is why I titled this blog Stubborn Libertarians. If they would only give a little to gain so much more, we could be on the road to real progress. Instead, we have donkeys and elephants and mules.

My nickel.

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