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Thursday, February 16, 2012


When is a Tax not a Tax?

Apparently whenever the Obama administration says so.

The administration is arguing before the Supreme Court later this year that the penalty for not obeying the mandate for individuals to purchase health insurance is actually just a tax so it is legal.

While Obama's budget director Jeff Zients tells Congress that the penalty is not a tax just as Democrats maintained when passing the monstrous Obamacare bill in the first place and Obama himself pooh-poohed the idea of it being a tax in a TV interview with George Stephanopolis.

So, is it a tax or not? Let the Supreme Court decide this June.

I say it doesn't matter what you call it, it is still unconstitutional. This is how liberals, progressives, leftists always act. The cognitive dissonance between what they say and what is true must be overwhelming their brains, yet they still maintain and defend two completely different ideas of reality. Amazing!

Psychologists would have a field day trying to untangle a liberal person's brain who can believe both sides of an issue at the same time. I find it truly ridiculous that a person's logic can be so dulled that he can actually believe whatever he's selling even though he knows it is not true.

Ah, the liberal dream. They can say and do anything they want because the journalists, ha there's a good term, who should be bringing up the stark cognitive dissonance in their beliefs actually believe in both sides of the issue as well. It all depends on the agenda and somehow all liberals know that their ultimate agenda is the complete socialism of this country, even though they truly know that it means the end of our country's greatness.

Will we as American citizens continue to allow this man and his enablers destroy the very foundation of our country right before our eyes while he telling us he is actually restoring America's greatness. I am not sure where this year's battle will lead.

I try to be optimistic about our future, about the basic character of our people to overcome all the direct affronts to our liberties and freedoms that are being pushed at us by this overbearing, arrogant individual who currently lives in the White House. But it is hard to remain optimistic when I see, read and hear all of his ardent supporters in the media raving about how great his policies are and how Neanderthal his opponents are.

I truly believe this election is the final chance for America to exist as she has for the past 200+ years. One more term in office for this guy and our future is toast. He has done so much damage to the psyche of hard-working Americans that 4 more years of this and we can all just give up. Atlas shrugs and we fall off our perch. America is just another country.

This is what Obama believes, in fact has stated in speeches around the world. He sees nothing special in our country. Nothing exceptional. Nothing worth saving. Move along, nothing to see here. Four more years and we will truly be just another country, nothing of our past greatness will remain. We will all be worshiping in the church that Obama built.

Long live the king. k___ m_ a__.

On a side note:
I recently received an invitation from Obama's campaign committee to donate money and to send in my comments. I did just that. I donated one penny, taping it to the donation card. (Next to the penny my friend Shannon added this note, "All he is worth!" A nice touch, I thought.) My comments asked him to tell me just exactly what he considered a fair share of taxes. I know there will be no answer because to ideologues like this, a fair share depends on how they feel at the moment. Cannot answer with a number because at some point in the future they will want a larger portion.

And that's all I have to say for now.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


How is a Tax Cut Government Spending?

Only a true progressive idiot coupled with an enabling media could get away with saying that a tax cut is government spending. Barack Obama stated that case yesterday as he has many times in the past.

“Right now, we’re scheduled to spend more than $1 trillion more on what was intended to be a temporary tax cut for the wealthiest two percent of Americans,” he said. “We’ve already spent about that much. Now we’re expected to spend another $1 trillion. Keep in mind, a quarter of all millionaires pay lower tax rates than millions of middle class households. You’ve heard me say it: Warren Buffett pays a lower tax rate than his secretary.”


Government gets all, every single dollar, of its revenues from taxes taken from individuals and corporations. When government takes less revenue from citizens it calls that spending in the tax code. We are in Bizarro Land. The government spends money to let you keep your money? We are supposed to believe this because the Democrats say it is so. They have stated their arguments in these terms for many long years and the public and mainstream media believes them.

I find it incredibly odd that these idiotic politicians can continue to frame arguments like this in such a disingenuous manner. Year after tedious year.

Government exists to provide constancy in laws, justice and border defense. Government does not exist to give aid to whomever is the chosen group at the time to further one's election prospects. But that is exactly how politicians look at things. How will this or that idea help me in my career? Very few politicians look at any law they propose through the eyes of our Constitution.

Barack Obama and many of his sycophants believe that the Constitution is a living, breathing document subject to the will of the times and, since it was written "over a hundred years ago" as stated by one liberal New York Times writer, it really doesn't apply to us today. Tired old white men more than 200 years ago creating the most perfect form of government possible really don't matter to progressives. Not at all.

When candidate Obama offhandedly told Joe the Plumber that it works better if we spread the wealth around he revealed his hidden agenda and his followers roared in approval. If you think the pie is only so big, then you must believe that the pie should be sliced differently to "spread it around".

But the fact is the pie can always grow larger. There is no need to ration the pie because there is always someone willing to make more pie. So Obama did the best he could do in trying to stifle the growth of the pie so his spreading tactics would be better appreciated. He is succeeding big time.

And America is shrinking. Mr. Obama is persistent. He believes he is right and anyone who thinks otherwise is simply not smart enough to know better. Typical elitist attitude. Just as President Clinton once said, we would rather target tax cuts to certain things instead of letting the people decide where to spend their money because people don't always make the wise decisions.

Thank God we have a man like Barack Obama who is smart enough to know that spending in the tax code must be stopped because he has better ideas on how to spend that money than the people who earned it.

Life's a bitch.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Damn Constitution Keeps Getting in My Way

President Obama bemoans the fact that the United States Constitution makes it harder for him to get things done than he would like. Man that's really a bummer. The wisest man in the world who knows precisely what to do to fix everything that is wrong with this country is hamstrung from doing just that. God Bless America.

Can anyone imagine how much damage this man could do if we had no constitution in the first place? He stomps on the document every chance he gets, deciding that His government will not enforce immigration or defense of marriage laws, making recess appointments while Congress is in session, stopping companies from locating factories in right to work states, ordering religious institutions to provide services that are contrary to their very belief system, putting the EPA at work to force tighter restrictions on businesses in the name of Global Warming. The list goes on and on and on.

And yet he is still not satisfied.

Trillion dollar deficits every year he is in office and still he blames Republicans for not cooperating in his quest to Fundamentally Transform America. I think it has already been fundamentally transformed and it stinks.

Lately he has been on a Jesus trip, exhorting the fact that Jesus taught people to be compassionate and take care of your brother. That's fine. But Jesus was not the government. Jesus did not say that government should take care of people. He said that people should take care of people. More is asked of he who has much. True. Individual more, not government more.

Every liberal who screams that richer people should pay their "fair share", whatever that is, believes that government should be getting those larger, fair share?, payments. Jesus said to render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God's. Does government now believe it is God's replacement? I believe Obama believes this. After all, he stated that the earth would begin to heal, the waters recede and that planet will cool based on him being elected.

Even though the Democrats held power in the House, Senate and the Oval Office for two years and spent most of their time trying to ram through a horrible Health Care Bill that no one understood or even read fully, this man continues to lay blame at the Republicans in the House for not passing every piece of legislation that he demands.

So what does he do? An end run around Congress at every opportunity. He states that the problems in America are just too great and too pressing to let the wheels of government spin as they are supposed to do. He will not allow his ideas to stand still and be held to scrutiny, so he forges ahead with rules, regulations and edicts that make little sense and each effort takes away just a little bit more of our freedoms and liberties.

Damn Constitution keeps getting in my way. Damn the Constitution. Full speed ahead.

Get this man out of office, please.


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