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Thursday, May 29, 2014


He Sees What He Wants to See

And he hears what he wants to hear.  It makes it simple.  Keeps him from crossing over into the insanity realm.  He reads about things in the news when the rest of us read about it.  If it is a scandal about his administration, this keeps him above the fray and away from the annoying questions from the press.  LOL.  As if the press gets to ask him any "hard" questions anyway.  I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

Battling straw men is Obama's favorite pastime.  He states that putting boots on the ground is not appropriate for every international problem and says he is not going to do that.  Nobody even suggested that option.  Doesn't matter to this dude.  He's always got things under control and understand so much better than anyone else, so just stop your complaining.

He loves telling us how mad he gets and how he will get to the bottom of an issue and justice will be served.  Let me be clear, he loves to be clear except that he is truly never clear.  Unless he's talking about his NCAA basketball tournament selection picks, of course.  He is not weak.  He is strong.  Don't believe that?  Just listen to him, he'll tell you.  And if he says so it must be so, right?

This dude has been in office like 6 years and one might think he had learned a thing or two about his job but it sure isn't evident in his actions.  Lauding events in Ukraine as a good example of building a coalition to deal with problems is his idea of success.  Yey.  Watch how the West Point grads respond to his ringing speech about his foreign policy.  Jimmy Carter was more entertaining.  And probably more right.  Naw.

Seriously it has been a long time and why are we worried about a little problem like veterans dying before they can get off the secret wait list to receive medical attention.  Obviously it's more important for VA administrators to show the head dude in Washington that his mandate to reduce veteran wait times to 14-30 days is working.  Also these dudes need to have good performance reviews so they can get their much deserved bonuses, etc. for doing such a good job.  Like our president.  Secret wait list, my ass.

Shit.  Drives me nuts.  Cannot even fathom how anyone with a brain in this country still likes this dude in the White House.  Straw men, leading from behind, stating a policy is working when it is obvious to everyone that it is not working.  How does anyone still believe a word this dude says!  This emperor dude has no clothes.  And lots of people are telling him so, yet he laughs and still doesn't believe them.

He is the person we have been waiting for.  He is the MAN.  He gets things done.  lol.  He makes me sick.  Is it 2017 yet?


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