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Friday, May 22, 2009


Pot, Meet the Kettle

I love this little old saying. It tickles me when I see something that fits the description. In this case, the pot is the President and the Congress, while the kettle is the Credit Card Companies.

Congress just passed, and the president will soon sign a bill aimed at the credit card companies imposing more stringent regulations upon them in conducting their business. Among these regulations is the mandate that their rules and contractual agreements be written in plain English that the ordinary American can understand.

Hello! Have you looked at the Internal Revenue Service code? Have you ever read the massive amounts of paragraphs and pages detailing the requirements of compliance with these codes? Have you ever filed your own income tax and read the instructions?

I rest my case!

Enact the FairTax.


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Hell in a Bucket

My apologies to The Grateful Dead for stealing one of their song titles, but it seems to fit so aptly because that is where I see US going. But the similarity stops there because the next line of the song is "at least I'm enjoying the ride". I can't say that I or anyone who believes in Capitalism and free market economics is enjoying this ride at all.

But I suppose there are a great many Obama supporters that are truly enjoying this ride to the max. PrezBo shouts out so many orders from DC so rapidly that it feels like shotgun blasts being sent around the country continuously. Conservatives try desperately to knock down the pellets being fired but there are far too many of them to stop them all and far too few willing to try, at least so far.

Close Guatanamo. Pass $787 billion stimulus bill, which was little more than many democratic pipe dreams being fulfilled, far too little stimulus of any kind. He's going to veto legislation with earmarks, yet he signs an omnibus spending bill filled with ridiculous earmarks and states that he will start next year. Yeah, right.

Propose a $3.5 trillion budget which will increase our federal deficit more than all of the previous 43 presidents combined. Then he goes out and preaches that we need to exercise fiscal restraint and these budget deficits are unsustainable. Duh! You just said two completely opposite things again. No problem, though, because your media will cover these things up for you.

Ask a perfectly willing Congress for $634 billion for National Health Care without so much as an idea of what that means or how this money will be spent. He'll figure that out later, damn the details. Just do it!

Hurry up and enact Cap and Trade, like a bait and switch, because we need to stop global warming. Does the proposal for reducing carbon output actually have merit, will it actually make a difference in global temperature. The Heritage Foundation says no, but what does that matter. Environmentalist/liberals want it, it shall be done. We'll figure out the science later, after we start collecting billions of windfall profits from private business to fund some of our socialist programs. And Al Gore finally retires a billionaire.

Ignore the elephants in the room, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. $100 trillion in future unfunded liabilities in these programs? So what. We'll figure out how to deal with that later. Just pass the damn health care and cap and trade and shut up about it. I know what I'm doing. The audacity of elitism.

Support Chrysler with tax money until they are on the brink of bankruptcy and then take over the company while letting General Motors witness what is in store for them shortly. Fire the CEO of GM and install someone who will listen to the gubmint, dammit! Stop Chrysler from going into bankruptcy, saving them from that awful fate and then turn the normal process for dissolving or reorganizing a company on its head by allowing the unions 55% ownership in the company, give the rest to a foreign company, Fiat, and refuse to pay the secured creditors all of the money that was once guaranteed to them and then demonize those groups that refused to go along with the deal as greedy speculators. Groups such as teacher's and police's pension funds.

Enact an "income tax cut" for 95% of American taxpayers, while not acknowledging the fact that barely more than half or so of income earners are actually taxpayers at all. How is a tax credit the same thing as a tax cut. It's not, it's welfare. But he is not a socialist. God forbid you call him one. If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it's a chicken. That's what Obama would like us to believe.

State that you will not raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000 a year and then immediately raise cigarette taxes and announce plans to to raise the miles per gallon requirements on US cars and begin plans for a massive energy tax, disguised as protecting the environment, both of which which will raise the price of cars, gasoline, electricity, virtually everything for everybody.

He says he doesn't want to run banks yet he takes control of the banks, for the good of the economy. He says he doesn't want to run car companies yet he takes over car companies for the good of the economy. He says he's not a socialist, but you know what, he plays one in real life. What, are we stupid? I believe the answer to that is a resounding YES.

And that is the real problem with this administration. He knows we're stupid. He depends on us being stupid. Most Americans are stupid or, at the very least, ignorant. He was voted into office not because of what he believes but because of the intense hatred of his predecessor.

People, most people, don't take the time or don't have the time to stay tuned into the facts of what goes on in Washington on a daily basis. And that is the purpose of the constant shotgun blasts he sends out so often. Fire enough BS and see how much can get passed before the public wakes up. Ignorance and stupidity are Obama's friends. And the Fourth Estate is all too wiling to sing his praises instead of doing their duty and exposing all the facts objectively.

Most people do not pay attention to politics in DC because it is so far removed from them. More people pay attention to politics or government machinations at the local level. This is how our framework of government was designed to operate. Decisions should be made at the closest level to the people. City, county, state and at the very bottom, the feds. Federal government should be challenged by states for their encroachment into the state's constitutional duties. We would all be better informed if more power were left at the more local level and less power be usurped by the federal level. We have turned this model upside down and it no longer functions within the bounds of the Constitution or even Common Sense.

But getting back to our current president, we see his face on TV far too often. He speaks on too many subjects and he looks and sounds like he is still on the campaign trail, peddling his rhetoric and hawking his wares and spending far too much time in the spotlight. He is betting on the ignorance and stupidity of the people with the help of the adoring media to pass as much of his socialistic/marxist agenda as possible while he still has most people fooled.

God help us. We may be going to hell in a bucket and I do not enjoy this ride.


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