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Thursday, September 06, 2012


I Belong to Me

A recent Democrat party video ad stated that government is the one thing we all belong to.  BS.  But truly typical of the liberal/progressive/statist mind set. 

I belong to myself, period!  No one owns me.  No one controls me.  I identify with no group.  I am an army of one and I will remain that way until the day I die.

Who do you belong to?  It has never been more clear to me that the liberal/progressive/statist Democrats, (pick a term, any term) view everyone through the filter of some concocted group.  They don't see individuals as individuals.  They see a black man or a Hispanic woman or a rich white male or a lesbian woman or whatever group they choose to associate you with rather than an individual standing on his/her own.

It hasn;t always been this way but it has become more and more this way for the past hundred years or so.  Hillary Clinton practically declared war on the individual during her husband's term in the White House.  Her proclamation that it takes a village to raise a child was so far afoul of American thinking that it made me want to puke.

Nothing is higher in my mind than the individual.  The Democrat party believes that Government is the highest entity and everyone should bow to the needs of the many because they view society as a "we are all in it together" society.  I subscribe to Ayn Rand's point of view on this:

"Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual)". -- Ayn Rand

Couldn't have stated it any better myself. Liberals/progressives/statists believe the individual should be subordinated to the Government with a Capital G.  They have replaced God with Government.  They proved this by passing their platform in Charlotte this week without any mention of God in it then turned around two days later and forced God back into the platform over the very vocal objections of a majority of their delegation.  Way to go democrats.  Show us your true colors.

If that wasn't awful enough, they then turned around and blamed Republicans, or somebody, for making it into a public spectacle.  Perfect.  You guys are proving to the world everyday that you are truly mindless and cater to the whims of whatever poll you may be watching.  No core beliefs.  No consistent values.  No spine.  No shit.

Please continue to drive rational thinking Americans crazy by your words and actions.  They are priceless if not stupefying.  You are a very entertaining bunch of knuckleheads who will say and do anything, disregarding the cognitive dissonance around your beliefs, and I trust your ideas will soon be rejected soundly by a majority of voters.

I think this election will truly be a turning point for this country.  Just as Bill Clinton stated in his convention speech there is a stark choice ahead of us this year.  Do you want a country where you are on your own to succeed or fail based on your own choices or do you want a shared sacrifice, shared prosperity country where everyone gives according to his ability and everyone takes according to his needs?

I made my decision many  long years ago.  I am waiting for November to see what everyone else has decided.

My nickel.

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