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Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Much Ado About Nothing

Scooter Libby was relieved of doing jail time by President George Bush. So what? He did nothing that would warrant spending a couple years in jail anyway. If anyone should have been sentenced to jail time for exposing a "so-called" covert CIA agent, it should have been Richard Armitage, the man who actually did leak Valerie Plame's name to the media. Not Mr. Libby at all.

Much ado about nothing.

Paris Hilton spends 23 days in jail. So what? She was released early by a sympathetic sheriff, who was immediately chastised, and ordered to return to jail and serve her term. She knowingly violated a law and she paid a price for it. I think she is much better off for it.

Much ado about nothing.

Martha Stewart served some time in jail herself. She violated the law as well, served her time and is back on track managing her businesses and expanding them. She lived and learned her lessons well. I think she was a sacrifice to the people who believe the rich have it made and she did nothing any more egregious than any other smart business person would do, but she got caught and she paid the price for it. So what?

Much ado about nothing.

The Immigration Bill was defeated in the Senate because the people in this country finally shouted loud enough for Washington to hear them and their angry rantings forced the Senators to do the right thing, for a change. These people think they can do whatever they feel like doing and are now very angry that they could not force an extremely bad law into being because "talk radio runs the country". So what? I don't care if the Senate and the House do nothing this entire year. Or the next year! Whatever they do to try to "fix" a problem only seems to create even more problems later on, but they don't care about that because that just gives them more chance to force more bad laws upon us. Bad laws that have dire consequences for everyone but the legislators themselves. So what?

Much ado about nothing.

All of what we hear and see going on in Washington, DC is really the same bullshit, much ado about nothing. Long, long ago the folks who represent us in the Capital quit caring about what is Constitutional and what is good for the country. They focus their time and efforts on getting and maintaining their power. At all costs. True legislation is a thing of the past. All that matters is what is best for their political career.

Much ado about nothing.

I would like to see Congress start an investigation into the Tenth Amendment. I would like them to really examine all, every single federal law, with an eye towards the very constitutionality of that law. Is it really a valid function of the federal government. If it is not, get rid of it, no ifs, ands or buts. Start all over. Give the power back to the states except where the constitution explicitly gives it to the feds.

Let abortion be a states issue. Let drugs be a states issue. Let education be a states issue. Let health care be a states issue. Let the federal government deal with immigration, the courts system and national defense and security. Nothing else. As it says in the constitution, let all matters not spelled out as federal responsibilities be decided by the states. As it should be and as it was in the beginning.

Instead of spending two years watching idiots try to gather support for a run at the presidency and the next two years crying foul about anything the electee says and does, we could make the presidency a more symbolic position than anything else. Let him/her, god forbid it ain't Hilary, deal with international relations. Let local governments actually govern themselves instead of sticking them with mandates, many of which are unfunded.

People always think that this next election is the most important election we've ever had. That the mounting problems of our time call for extraordinary efforts and gobs of money to fix. It's all a smoke screen. We don't need more laws passed by power hungry officials. We need precisely fewer laws and more individual responsibility. Many of our so-called problems of the day would go away if we quit throwing money at them and let our society work them out on their own without government interference and regulation.

Until government somehow becomes aware of the fact that they are always the elephant in the room, I say all that happens in DC is just much ado about nothing.

Happy Independence Day,

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