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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge

The health care bill has no death panels, wink wink.
Medicare enacts end of life planning, nudge nudge.

This administration is not socialist, wink wink.
FCC enacts Net Neutrality regulations, nudge nudge.

Obama does not want to own car companies, wink wink.
GM takeover bypasses bond holders in favor of unions, nudge nudge.

We do not want to control your lives, wink wink.
But we can't just leave what children eat up to the parents, nudge nudge.

I don't mind people being successful and making money, wink wink.
But I think at some point you've made enough, nudge nudge.

I want people to make lots of money, wink wink.
I just think it works better when we spread it around, nudge nudge.

No major innovation in the past 200 years has happened without government, wink wink.
For the first time we will have an economy directed by government, nudge nudge.

Climate change legislation dies in Senate, wink wink.
FDA plans new regulations to fight climate change, nudge nudge.

How many winks and nudges can we endure?

Just asking.


Thursday, December 02, 2010


Mayberry Lameness

Oh my, it's happened again. An actor that I have always respected for his talents and the upstanding character parts he plays has spoken out about his politics. I really wish he had remained silent. I wish all celebrities would remain silent when it comes to airing their political views. They have no greater insight than anyone else, so why should they use their public profile to interject their, usually liberal, political views on their fans.

Andy Griffith, I will no longer watch reruns of your old, wonderful TV show. Something happened to you, I guess, and you feel the public just has to be on board with the worst piece of legislation ever passed by our Congress. To see you using your influence to sell lies to America disgusts me. To know that the Obama administration used you like an old fool to peddle their misinformation about a destructive bill for political opportunism makes me sick to my stomach.

But then, I expect the idiocy from this administration, but what I don't expect is idiots like Andy Griffith duping folks into buying outright lies. I can't stand it. It's just plain wrong.

We are currently in a lame-duck session of Congress. Nothing much usually happens during these sessions but this year the Democrats are especially nervous so they are trying to do more in 3 weeks than they have done the past two years. Go home! Go play with the ducks. Go anywhere do anything but do not pass ANY piece of legislation during the lame-duck session unless it is for funding the government by leaving the tax rates as they have been for the past 7 years.

Lameness from Congress is expected. Lamesness from an old time hero is, well, just lame.

My nickel.

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