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Monday, June 05, 2006


Focusing on BS

I am truly dumbfounded by the recent turning of political heads towards a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

I am also amazed at politicians complete lack of attention to the matters that should concern them such as border security and taxes. What is priority one for the Federal government, THE BORDER. There are certain very specific things that our Constitution states the Federal government should be concerned about. And securing our borders is at the top of this list.

We have come a long way with this government and politicians have learned well how to keep themselves in power. Where we used to have people of principle serving in government offices, protecting the Constitution and the borders and trying to do what is best and right to further propel our citizens towards making this an even greater country.

Once upon a time elected representatives actually took their positions of authority seriously and gave deep consideration to lofty priciples of justice and legality. Those times appear to be long past. Today's politicians only look to protect their cushy little job in any way possible. It is more important for a politician to remain in office than it is for a politician to speak, act and vote to protect, defend and strengthen the Laws of our land.

Every single act by today's politicians are carefully choreagraphed actions and reactions with their control of power foremost in their minds. Why does a Constitutional amendment banning gay marriage or advocating heterosexual marriage need to be discussed at this time? I see no valid reason for it at all. There is NO chance it will pass and it is a total waste of time to even talk about it. The ONLY reason is political. A chance for Republicans to make good with their strong right wing base. It's bullshit and stinks to high heaven.

There is such little difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore and it is very disheartening to this country. Liberalism is a lost cause and conservatism has been abandoned. All politicians want is to remain in power. Whatever they have to say or do is on the table.

Dennis Hastert, a man I have respected for years, cries foul over Justice Dept efforts to get at the truth in the William Jefferson case. Does he really think legislators' offices are off limits to investigators? Why does he feel that Congressmen have any more rights than the ordinary citizen? Even though he is 100% behind the FairTax Plan, Mr. Hastert has also put his weight behind investigations into the oil companies possibly engaging in price-gouging. How many negative investigations does it take to realize that it isn't happening?

I have lost all faith in all politicians and that includes Libertarians. Libertarians are so stubborn and pig-headed that they refuse to do anything to compromise their principles in order to gain the little bit of power needed to get their ideas heard. Standing on principle is wonderful, but don't you think it might be worth a little compromise to at least have your message heard in the first place?

If it weren't for Neal Bortz and John Linder's book on the FairTax, nobody would even know such a plan existed. Congress will not talk about it. No Democrat will commit to the idea or even give favorable opinions on it since Nancy Pelosi told them not to. God forbid a Democrat would have a singular mind and curiosity enough to read about the plan and decide for himself.

Republicans control both the House and the Senate and the Presidency and they won't even give this plan a fair hearing. To give up the income tax system in favor of a sales tax would take so much power away from Congress that they are deathly afraid of this plan. Imagine, most of what they do and talk about in DC is taxes and how to use those taxes to garner votes to stay in office so they can continue to enjoy their perks and keep their power.

So to divert the public's attention away from really important matters, they come up with a tried and true topic, like Constitutional marriage. How utterly transparent and ridiculous! I can't stand any of this. It is sickening and disgusting.

Of course, I have no solutions to this problem. I can only watch and wonder as one politician after another does his or her best to deflect matters of importance but have difficult solutions in favor of the petty issues like gay marriage or bringing pork back home for the constituents.

I wonder how much time this nation has left. I feel pretty sure that the official demise of the United State of America will not happen in my lifetime. I feel equally sure that it will happen in my daughter's or my grandkid's lifetime. How sad this time will be. If only we could wake ourselves up and look ouselves in the eyes and ask the hard questions. If only we could focus on things that matter instead of getting hung up on the exceptions.

Border security, taxes, war. I know, let's talk about homosexuality. Geez!


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