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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Color Me Underimpressed

I watched President Obama on center stage last night giving his not-a-state-of-the-union address before a joint session of Congress. I have little to say that is positive. I am, however, positive that the goofy San Francisco ditz smiling behind him and jumping up from her chair to applaud like she was sitting on a giant spring is completely batty.

Obama talks a good talk, that is, when he has a teleprompter to read from. Let someone ask him a question off the cuff and he stutters and stammers and grasps for words. He reminds me of a deer in the headlights sometimes, because his answers never seem very well thought out. This is a signal to me that he doesn't truly believe what he is telling us.

If your core beliefs are well-defined and you live your life based upon those core beliefs, you will not struggle to answer every question and you don't have to sprinkle every answer with nuances. His stammers tell me that he isn't sure what he really believes and he is trying to answer in such a way as to hide that fact. I think he is pulling the wool over the liberal's eyes. Conservatives are not so easily fooled.

No matter how many times he states that the recession was inherited from his predecessor, or that the deficit was inherited or whatever issue he is dealing with is leftover from someone else, all of those issues are now his and his alone. The OPR triumverate in DC have bought the problems and whatever else happens is upon their shoulders. Will they accept the blame if what they try to do doesn't work? Past experience makes that unlikely.

Have the White House and Congress not watched the stock market the past month? Do they not think the market's negative reactions have anything to do with what they are planning for this country? Even today after his eloquent speech last night, the market is falling still further. Obama gives good oratory, especially on a grand stage like last night. Unfortunately he is always short on details. And we all know the devil is in the details. But then. Americans don't really care about the small stuff, do we?

For better or for worse, we are stuck with liberal philosophy in DC for awhile, so be prepared to bend over at a moment's notice. Nothing is safe from the ravages of left wing liberals in complete charge. This is change we can believe in?

I have held my criticisms since the election, hoping against hope that perhaps there would be some changes for the better. Stupid me. Obama campaigned as a liberal and he's apparently going to govern as one.

Color me underimpressed.


Monday, February 23, 2009


The Sky is Falling: Hurry Up and Wait!

Same old story, same old song and dance! I've seen it many times and I'm always amazed.

Paulson and the Bush administration yelled that the sky was falling in September 2008. We HAD to do SOMETHING NOW. If we didn't, the sky would fall and America would come crashing down. Hurry up, the pundits, politicians and analysts were screaming! Hurry up dammit! The bailout bill passed and...

5 months later and barely half of what was allotted for the financial crisis of a lifetime has been spent. And none of it was spent the way the EXPERTS told us it had to be spent. And nothing looks any different in the financial world.

Enter Barack Obama and his "Yes We Can" mantra of politics. His immediate priority was the Stimulus Bill. Lordy. Hurry up and pass this Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Plan or America will come crashing down around us. Who cares if this is the right bill or the right time or the right priority. Just pass it and hurry up about it or else.

It was so rushed through the Congress that NO ONE had a chance to even read it. Americans don't care if the government wastes money on pork projects, we were told. They simply want action and they want it now.

So the Democrats pass the bloated bill, the largest spending package in history, without even reading it! Even more amazing, the Democrats just days before passed a resolution stating that all appropriations bills would be posted on a web site for 48 hours to allow the American public to read and digest the bill, before it was voted on in Congress. It wasn't.

Then they pass the stupid thing and go out of town. President, I'm in a hurry to get things done, Obama, having watched his Congress pass the bill, then promptly goes on a three-day weekend and finally signs the bill in Denver to be out of the political spotlight.

Spineless and stupid. That's our congress and that's our president. As Obama declared during brief negotiations with Republicans, "We won!" So shut up and let us run things. I suggest we do just that.

Shut up our oppositions to this Liberal triumvirate in Washington. Obama, Pelosi and Reid can just drive the whole ship into ruin and that's just the way it has to be. Liberals need to hurry up and kill this economy and I will simply wait and see what is left after their carnage plays out.

I'm 57 years old and I believe I can outrun most of the idiocy that spills out of DC until I die. God help my daughter and grandkids, they have too far to run. The Sky is indeed falling and all we can do is....

Hurry up and wait.


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