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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Here's Your Sign, Nancy

Remember Bill Engvall and his Stupid People rants? I used to get him confused with Jeff Foxworthy until I started watching The Bill Engvall Show a few years ago. Funny guy. And spot on with his observations just as Jeff Foxworthy was with his "You might be a redneck if..." humor.

Anyway, Bill Engvall says that life would be much easier for all of us if only stupid people wore signs so we would know who we were dealing with up front. In one observation he says he is about to fix a flat tire on his truck when a man pulls up to him and asks, "Get a flat tire?" Bill replies, "No, I was just driving along and the other three tires just swelled up on me." Here's you sign.

Nancy Pelosi deserves to have her sign. God knows she has offered up enough stupid comments to earn one. Or several, I'm sure.

Nancy stated before the passage of the ridiculous Health Care Bill that we have to pass the bill to find out what's in it. Amazing insight from a Congressional leader. Of course everyone knows we simply cannot find out what's in a bill BEFORE it is passed because, well, just because, I guess. Nancy just doesn't understand that thinking.

She more recently said that the fastest way to stimulate spending is through unemployment compensation and food stamps. Everyone knows that unemployment benefits and food stamps are spent as fast as they arrive so what better way to push dollars through the economy than by giving these benefits. What an incredible bang for the buck! I wonder if Nancy has ever considered what might happen if the government gave these benefits to everyone. How would our economy fare if this were to happen. Probably blow the world away. How interesting.

Princess Pelosi needs her sign. It may be a redundant message for her to carry her sign around because most rational people who have listened to her logic have already posted a mental footnote about her sign worthiness. But for the masses who really have no idea who this woman is, it may be beneficial in the future.

I have a tee-shirt, I'm actually wearing it underneath my shirt right now, that says, "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups". I heed that message and I know many people who do the same.

Perhaps if Princess Nancy asked Mr. Engvall nicely, he would give her a sign worthy of her intellect and stature in life.

After all, it's only fair for us to know when we are dealing with a stupid person in a high position. And these days there seems to be more and more of them and they are harder and harder to track.


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