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Wednesday, June 20, 2007



Sanctuary -noun
1. immunity afforded by refuge in such a place

Illegal Alien
1.a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country's authorization.
2.a foreigner who enters the U.S. without an entry or immigrant visa, esp. a person who crosses the border by avoiding inspection or who overstays the period of time allowed as a visitor, tourist, or businessperson.

This is not a difficult concept to understand. If you are in this country illegally, you are an illegal alien plain and simple. If you are not a citizen of this country, you are not entitled to the same considerations as a citizen. Citizenship is given to those born in this country and to those who ask for and abide by the regulations to become one, not to persons who steal their way into this country and expect the same treatment.

I have heard the stories of cities that consider themselves "sanctuary cities" in regards to illegal aliens. How is this legal and in what way do these governments, run by citizens, actually believe that what they are doing is right and proper? Are they not breaking the law as well as the illegals? Surely this cannot be tolerated. Allowing any city or local government to ignore the Federal law is absolutely wrong and this practice needs to cease immediately.

It is not the choice of local officials to refuse to enforce any law they desire. We are a nation of laws, the rule of law always trumps the rule of man in America. We have a Constitution that states that very specifically. If you deem a law wrong you must lobby to change that law, you cannot refuse to abide by it. When you do that, you are setting the rule of man above the rule of law and that contradicts everything this country was founded upon.

Let's just let every local and state government pick and choose which Federal laws they desire to follow. Anarchy will follow. Granted, our Federal government does not have the necessary manpower, or will it would seem, to follow up on every single illegal alien in this country. But that is not the point. Enforcement of other Federal laws would greatly diminish the number of illegals living here and thus reduce the potential difficulty of local governments to comply with the Federal law concerning illegal aliens.

We don't need to spend, or waste, countless hours debating a "comprehensive immigration" bill. The laws are already on the books to solve this problem. They simply need to be enforced, not ignored. It would seem to be such a simple concept that Congress cannot or refuses to grasp. They enjoy the grandstanding on divisive issues. They get to reap enormous political benefit by appearing to search for complex solutions to grand problems. All the while they are ignoring previous attempts to solve the problem.

And in the end, no one is better off because of their solutions. All of this illegal immigration and sanctuary business was thoroughly debated 20 years ago. A comprehensive solution was passed through Congress and the illegal alien problem was pronounced solved. However this legislation was never enforced, except for granting amnesty to all the then illegal aliens, and the problem was forgotten until recently. Time again for more grandstanding and bullshit to force more useless and destructive legislation on us to once again pronounce the problem solved so we can get on with other useless business, like admitting defeat in Iraq and punishing Scooter Libby and Alberto Gonzalez.

Enough already! Stop the BS. In fact, I would suggest to Congress to close up shop and go home for four years. Let's have a real "do-nothing" Congress for awhile. Maybe after four years of no Congress, we can actually get back to things that really matter to this nation of laws. We don't need government passing law after useless law. We need enforcement of existing laws. Punish the people who do not respect our laws be they illegal aliens or prominent city officials. Stop sanctuary cities and let's abolish this idiotic idea of the rule of man.

A pure democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding on what to eat for dinner. That is not what this country is meant to be.

My $.05

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


STFU Jimmy Carter!

Jimmy Carter should simply Shut The F*** Up! Every time this man makes the news, I am more amazed by his outright idiocy. How he ever was elected president of this country is beyond my comprehension and how he manages to constantly get his ridiculous anti-American and anti-Jewish comments in the press is even more unbelievable.

Jimmy pals around with dictators like Hugo Chavez and declares their elections above board and honorable. He is a friend of any despot and socialist who will tolerate him. He declares American elections fraught with fraud and criticizes every movement by the current president regarding foreign policy as ignorant and detrimental. His latest blame-America statements say we should not be disfavoring the Hamas group, a known terrorist organization bent on the destruction of Israel and the US. Go away!

Long hailed as a brilliant mediator in bringing about an agreement between the PLO and the Jewish state, nothing ever changed in that relationship. It was a failure as was his presidency. I remember vividly the long lines at gas stations, the shortages and the runaway inflation. Price and wage controls anyone? What a joke.

And he has the audacity to declare the Bush presidency one of the worst in US history. Perhaps he doesn't remember that he presided over one of our worst economic periods ever, no thanks to his policies of price and wage controls. Remember the word coined for the results of his policies, Stagflation. And who can forget the year long fiasco of Irans' kidnapped Americans, his botched rescue attempt and that toothy smile he always gives the cameras? Publicity hound!

I suppose only in America can a failed presidency be the springboard to fame and fortune and relevancy. At least relevancy in the eyes of his socialist followers and admirers. If Hugo Chavez said kind words about me, I would be afraid. Jimmy loves the spotlight and thrives on stating obviously stupid statements.

I say again, STFU Jimmy Carter.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


It's IST not ISM

It's the terrorists we are fighting not terrorism. We fight the terrorists because they fight us. We fight them because they want to kill us. They do not try to hide this fact. This is their obsession.

Apologists try to explain away acts by terrorists by stating that they are only reacting to American or Israeli or British aggression. They believe that the insurgents/terrorists in Iraq would stop being terrorists if only we would get our military out of Iraq. Horse hockey.

The apologists for terrorists do not understand them. And this is difficult for me to accept because the terrorists unequivocally state their desire and goal to eradicate all persons not Muslim. They do not even try to hide that fact yet we do not listen to them. Sympathizers try to explain terroristic behavior as normal and understandable. They believe that terrorism will die a natural death if America would only talk with them and let them express themselves freely. Their free expression kills people yet we should ignore that.

Any person who believes America is to blame for the 911 attacks is not thinking logically. By making America the bad guy and believing that we essentially asked for and were the cause of the terrorist attacks is not being true to the facts. It is like blaming a hotly-dressed woman for a rape because the man had no control over his actions; if she hadn't looked so sexy, I wouldn't have raped her. Ridiculous!

It is so stupid to place blame on an attackee for the crimes of an attacker that I can hardly believe anyone actually believes this way. However, I am realistic enough to know that many, many people feel exactly this way. Put the blame on someone else. If they had not acted in such a way, I would not have responded in such a way. You made me mad. Grow up!

We are each responsible for our own actions and decisions. No one else. A belief system does not cause anyone to act a certain way. You cause yourself to act a certain way. You are the creator of your universe. You control how you act and how you respond to every single stimuli you encounter. It's all you.

If a person commits a terroristic act, he is to blame. Not his religion. Not whatever wrong may have been done to him by another. Nothing and no one but himself. All of us. Take control of your life, your thoughts, your actions, your beliefs. Act as if you are in control and stop blaming someone or something else.

It's always the individual. Always. Never forget that the individual is the center of the universe.

My nickel.

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