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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Elections Should/Shouldn't Matter

Well, what do you believe? Should they or shouldn't they?

Nancy Pelosi seems to think they shouldn't matter so much. That's pretty funny since her side got beaten severely in last fall's elections. A sign of a loser's rationalization, perhaps? She certainly didn't feel that way when her Democrats took control of the House in 2006 elevating her to the number three position in our government. She even stated as much in 2009 after passing the monstrous Stimulus Bill saying, yes, we wrote the bill. We won the election.

Nor did Barack Obama after his resounding win in 2008 put him in the White House, as he so pointedly told Republicans during stimulus and budget negotiations in early 2009, "I won". Elections have consequences. Always.

But when Mr. Obama was confronted with the realities of brokering a budget agreement between the two parties, his reaction was quite different. He stated that getting what you want in negotiations is not how it works. Funny how he paints the picture differently depending on which side of the argument he is on. Well, not funny really, it is truly disgusting.

The whole reason we are even having this fight over this year's budget is because the Democrats didn't want to have this discussion last year before the elections. The only real piece of legislation the Congress is required to pass each year, the Federal Budget, was not done simply because of politics.

Thus for any Democrat to demonize the Republicans for trying to pass a budget with cuts is ludicrous since this whole exercise in futility could have been avoided if the Democrats had merely done their job in the first place. It amazes how much gall these people exhibit in criticizing someone for trying to do what the criticizer did not do originally. Simply amazing.

Yes, elections matter. And they should matter. What is the point of having two parties in lock step with one another so voters won't be confused by the difference between the two? That has been the way politics has operated for a long time. Each side taking our country further down the road to socialism, Republicans a bit more slowly than the Democrats would like but both heading in the same wrong-headed direction.

I am glad to see this level of fighting over spending cuts. That discussion is long, long overdue. I am tired of fighting both parties and find it refreshing that the TEA Party movement is having a major effect on our politicians behaviors. Hooray for our side.

Now if you want to get a preview of what America would be like if the TEA Party movement fails to force our legislators to realize that socialism cannot work, go see the movie "Atlas Shrugged". If that doesn't scare you into believing we are nearing the precipice with deficit spending, I'm afraid nothing will.

My only saving thought in this mess is that I am nearly 60 years old and can probably outrun the worst of what is to come for the US. I fear that my daughter and grandchildren will not.

My nickel,

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