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Friday, June 03, 2011


Slightly Elasticized with Certitude, Kinetically Speaking

On May 10, 2010, former auto czar Steve Rattner publicly admitted that “GM may have slightly elasticized the reality of things” in its claims of repayment.

Doesn't "elasticizing" something mean the same thing as, oh, I don't know, LYING? But since it was only "slightly" elasticized, I guess that makes it OK?

On June 1, 2011 current Democrat Congressman from new York, Anthony Weiner, said that he "cannot say with certitude that the picture isn't him", referencing the Twitter pic of him (or someone) in their underwear sent to a 21 year old Seattle girl.

I'd like to know who uses the word "certitude" when certainty is a perfectly good word and much more common?

Words have meanings. Democrats are very, very good at using their words to hide their true intentions. They offer us "kinetic military action" when they really mean "war". Kinetic means pertaining to or causing motion. So our military is in motion around Lybia? wonderful news. But isn't the military always kinetic? Always in motion?

They gave us Overseas Contingency Operation to describe the War on Terror? Why? It sounds better? I don't think so but any Liberal would tell you so. Contingency means dependence on chance or on fulfillment of a condition; uncertainty; fortuitousness; something incidental to a thing. So you can't have a war on terror but you can have a something incidental to terror? Huh?

Elitists in general and Democrats in particular love to substitute obscure words or phrases for the commonly understood words because it makes them sound intelligent and it obscures their real meaning. Nothing magical about that but it is very deceiving to the population a at large.

The common metric for analyzing the effectiveness of government jobs creations bills has always been the actual number of jobs created due to a certain law. But after the Democrats allocated 787 Billion dollars for a "stimulus" bill to create jobs, the metric was changed to "jobs created or saved". Why? Because there is no way to measure jobs saved. Never has been and probably never will be.

Therefore it is an easy way for leaders to bypass criticism of the normal metric, jobs created, since they knew with "certitude" that that number would be weak and ineffective. Adding "jobs saved", which cannot be measured, gave them a wall to hide behind when describing the effectiveness of their near Trillion dollar boondoggle of Liberal wet dreams.

After all, as Obama has stated, it would be much worse if we had done nothing. Really? No one will ever truly know because their numbers can't be measured. Methinks they have been "elasticizing" their numbers.

Gimme a break you ignorant politicians. You think all Americans are idiots. You think we need protecting from ourselves. you think we need you to tell us what to do, how to protect ourselves, how to feed ourselves, how to handle our everyday lives. We don't. We don't need you to control our lives. leave us alone. And stop talking to us like we are infantile children.

You are leading to the brink of catastrophe with our economy, rules and regulations and money distribution schemes. You, Mr. Obama, are encouraging this flight of fantasy because you want to "fundamentally transform America" in your image. Have you looked in the mirror lately?

I truly believe your goal is exactly what you have stated and you will not stop your lunatic plans unless you are forced to stop by the voters. I think there are enough rational, sane Americans left to thwart your plans and put a halt to the fast slide into economic and liberty hell.

I surely hope that is the case. If you and your minions are left in office for another four years, I fear our country, as we have known it, is TOAST. Toppling Off A Steep Terrace.

I say with certitude, we cannot survive another four years of this socialistic rule, kinetically speaking.

My nickel.

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