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Friday, June 22, 2012


The Rule of Man or the Rule of Law?

Which choice do you prefer?

It's a pretty simple question really.  A question that lies at the heart of our American system of governance created oh, so many years ago.

The Founding Fathers decided they had enough of King George and his arbitrary laws for the Colonies.  The system they came up with was revolutionary in its concept that we would be governed by the Rule of Law versus the Rule of Man.

The Rule of Man was the traditional form of governing until the American experiment.  In this type of governance, the laws was nothing more than what the King or his council decided it was.  There was no standards on how or when to create a law or how it would then be enforced.  It was simply a matter for the "Rulers" to decide and foist upon its citizenry with little to no input from them.

If the Rulers decided to enforce a law or not, it was their decision alone.  Pleading for consistency was useless.  Common citizens having a say so in these laws was strictly forbidden.  Rulers ruled and citizens obeyed.  Period.

Oh sure, there was some attempts to involve the common citizen in some societies, the Greeks and Romans in certain ways, but typically the elitists controlled the final decisions, not the people.

What happened on this continent differs greatly.  Here the people having lived under the English Crown so far removed from them physically yet still being subjected to taxes and rules coming from afar decided this was no way to run a country.  So the people got together and crafted a set of rules that elevated the individual person to a higher position than any ruler.

These early revolutionaries, through the consent of the people living in this territory, created a governmental system that derived its powers from the people, the consent of the governed, a revolutionary concept for a revolutionary society.  This was a 180 degree shift from the old ways where most people had no say whatsoever.

Since the government was formed by people and given its powers by the people, this government would be restricted in what things it could assert its power over in people's everyday lives.  In addition, a written set of codified laws requiring ALL citizens as well as the government to abide by would alleviate the unfairness caused by a ruler(s) decision to enforce or not to enforce depending on who the offender was.  All laws would be enforced and all men would be subject to them.  A complete system of justice, understood by all and adhered to by all.

This is the Rule of Law.  If the law is a bad law, it can be struck down or rewritten by the approved group of elected representatives whose job it is to write proper legislation for all.  No selective enforcement.  No favors to friends.  The Rule of Law versus the Rule of Man.

This was the basis for our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the structure of the Constitutional Republic, which is far from a true Democracy.  It has served us well for over 200 years even when severely challenged by power grabbers like Woodrow Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt and FDR.  We have survived because of the structure of our government.

Then along comes Barry Obama, a supposed Constitutional Law professor whose political leanings are closer to Marxism than to Capitalism, and all hell has broken loose.  Barry seems to enjoy doling out privileges and entitlements whether the Constitution, the Rule of Law, gets in his way or not.  Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead.  This is dangerous to our well-being.

He decries the fact that his hands are tied because of our system of government so he bypasses this system whenever he thinks it will give him a political advantage or woo some specific voting group to his side.  He is aided in these endeavors of lawlessness by the mass media and his leftist-leaning supporters who feel that our Constitution is old and useless and should be changing with the times.

Horseshit.  This is the Rule of Man.  And it stinks to high Heaven.  Simply because he feels something is "the right thing to do" doesn't give him authority to do it.  He believes it does but he is flat out wrong.  Our system was not set up this way and he is destroying more of the system every single day.

The phrase I always seem to come back to is "Most men do not truly desire liberty, they wish only for a just master."  Barry may really think he is that "just master".  He is not.  No man is or can be.  Only God is a true "just master".

If you put your faith in the Rule of Man, you will sooner or later be treated wrongly and you will have no recourse.

If you put your faith in the Rule of Law, no man is above the law and, although Justice may not always be done, the odds are far more in your favor.  And your conscious will thank you.

My nickel.

Friday, June 01, 2012



What is a SCoaMF you may ask.  The Urban Dictionary has the answer.

I think it is a wonderful new word for our malleable language and is fittingly appropriate for these times, considering our current Commander in Chief.

Take him away from his beloved TOTUS (Teleprompter of the US) and he has trouble forming coherent thoughts and sentences on his own.  Just listen to how he stumbles and pauses, constantly searching for the right words.  BTW, it looks like his chief dog washer, Jay Carney, has been Obama's apprentice in addressing the media.  He could be considered a SCoaMF as well.

I've watched this man the past three years in a scatter-shot approach, attacking anything and everything he feels is wrong with our country.  After all, he did say before his election that we were five days away from fundamentally transforming America.  He hasn't failed in that statement.  Although he has failed at being a leader.

He is not an ignorant man but he is so fixated on his beliefs, Marxist in nature, that he simply knows better than anyone else what is best for everyone.  Such arrogance as I've never seen before, especially in a president.  How many times can one man insult our allies, kowtow to our enemies, attack American businesses and perform his holier-and-wiser-than-thou attitude on Americans without being literally slapped in is face?  Rhetorical question.  I would stand in line to do just that, even paying for the opportunity.

Barring his constant straw man arguments, he has no ideas of what other opinions people hold.  He will not or cannot understand any other side of a debate except for his.  He will not argue against policies the other side presents  Instead, he steadfastly insists he knows their argument is not valid and proclaims his is correct.  Why, because he is the fourth best president in our country, he knows Jews better than anyone else, because he has read about it, he knows Republican ideas have been tried and tried and have never worked and he knows that socialism-marxism-statism is inherently the best government ever, it just has not been done correctly yet.  But don't worry Democrats, because you have him on your side now, so no election surprises, right?

This "sort-of-a-God" will lead us "Forward" as never before.  Forward to a declining economy, entitlement society, where the rich "pay their fair share", whatever that may be, and all Americans can worship him as their Dear Leader.  I have a thrill running up my leg.  Jiminy Cricket!

I believe he has failed this country miserably.  I believe also that his ascension to the "throne" of the president was necessary because conservatives lost their way during the Bush years.  We have to walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death to reached a new paradise.  It has been a laborious and disturbing 3 1/2 years of "rule" from this clusterf___ of a president. 

If we come out of this year 2012 with no more Obamacare and no more Obama, we will have a prosperous and exciting future ahead.

If we are stuck with this SCoaMF for another four years, well, I am prepared for the Apocalypse.

Are you?


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