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Friday, March 08, 2013


Shame on McCain and Graham

What Rand Paul did the other day was remarkable!

What John McCain and Lindsey Graham did was disgusting!

Rand Paul had the courage and stamina and good sense to call out the Administration and demand an answer to a very simple question about what this government thinks it can do to American citizens on American soil without due process.

For John McCain and Lindsey Graham to criticize Rand Paul for speaking his mind and demanding this simple answer, which he eventually got, makes me want to puke.  Republicans like this are not what we need to undo the damage the current president has done to our country.  No wonder McCain didn't win in 2008.

I am grateful for Rand Paul and what he accomplished.  He is a true patriot speaking on behalf of Americans worried sick about the lack of accountability we see from the Obama administration.  There is some serious cognitive dissonance going on here as they merrily order drone strikes on terrorists in foreign countries, sometimes Americans, yet they continue to insist on bringing captive terrorists to civilian trials complete with Miranda warnings and avoiding military tribunals.

So it is OK to kill a terrorist without warning but if captured, he must receive a trial and protections the same as any American citizen.  Ridiculous and certainly dissonant.

I hope Rand Paul continues showing America his steady libertarian influence, no doubt taught him by his father, in his remarkably serene manner.  I hope Mr. McCain and Mr. Graham consider retirement very soon.

My nickel.

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