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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Cost of Government

Never in my younger years would I have believed that a tax cut would be labeled as a "cost" to the US Government. But listening to the Liberal Left holler and scream about extending the Bush tax cuts for the "rich" this is exactly how they describe it, as costing the government too much!

How does this perversion of word meanings become entrenched in national discussions? There is one simple little fact that all who use this terminology forget; all of the government's money comes from individuals. Every single solitary penny is taken from individual people in the course of their lives. Government has nothing that they don't take from you and me. NOTHING.

How then can anyone rationally say that a tax cut costs the government anything? How can the act of creating a tax cut be a "gift" to the people they are taking the money from in the first place? Obama thinks it is wrong to "give" rich people any more money. He does not acknowledge that this money is earned by these very same rich people. They're just words after all. Who cares?

Well, I care very much. It is the very choice of words that frames the argument in favor of government-loving liberals. To these people all money is rightfully owned by the government and we are only "allowed" to keep whatever sum they feel is appropriate. Obama feels that at some point you have made enough money, and he is quite willing to define what that point is for every single individual in this country.

PrezBo is probably giddy with excitement over the release of a proposal in the UK whereby all paychecks to individuals would first be sent to the central government so they can deduct the "proper" amount of taxes and then forward the balance on the wage earner. Now there is a grand idea that I'll just bet Obama wishes he had though of first.

Politically left pundits and politicians describe the extension of the tax cuts for the top 2% of income earners as costing the government $700 Billion over ten years. They say the cost is too high. However they fail to describe the extension of the tax cuts for the bottom 98% of wage earners as "costing" the government about $2 Trillion. Why not decry the "cost" of this tax cut extension in the same terms? Politics.

It is very easy to spend other people's money and the Washington elite think they know the right places to spend this money for our own good. I remember President Clinton saying he didn't like the idea of stimulus checks sent to the people because we wouldn't spend it on the right things. Let the goverment know-it-alls spend this money instead in ways that will benefit all of the country better. Yeah, right. Now I'm rotf-lol. (rolling on the floor laughing out loud)

Sure, we'll let the all-knowing, all-seeing, all-powerful, benevolent government elitists have all of our money and we'll be perfectly happy taking whatever they feel we each deserve and spend all the rest on whatever pet projects they "feel" are in vogue at the time. Cradle to grave, our government is the provider of all things good.

And when Atlas shrugs, what will these government elitists do then?


Wednesday, September 01, 2010


According to Plan

President Obama's plans are unfolding just as he expected, I believe, aside from the tedious distractions of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. His economic policies are accomplishing exactly what he wanted them to accomplish; push this country closer and closer to the cliff.

I suspect the too-clever-by-half president is secretely reveling in the success of his philosophical rewriting of America through his destructive policies towards capitalism and American exceptionalism. Phase One of the plan is working quite well, thank you.

He came into office with his "supposed" mandate to fundamentally transform this country and he has made good on all that he touches. There has not been one instance where he has acted proud of this country, oh sure, he says he is proud, but what he means is he is proud to be able to take us in a new direction. He is not satisfied with a "willy-nilly" approach in economics with decisions being made by owners of companies based on what is good for their company.

His goal is for all business decisions to be made or heavily influenced by governmental policies, laws or regulations. He will decide, or someone he has appointed, what are the best decisions for a business. The government will determine the direction of our economy by the very laws and regulations and tax breaks or busts that the government decides are necessary to accomplish Mr. President's current goals.

The government will create five year plans, or whatever time period seems to fit their fancy at the time, for what goods and services are to be the preferred ones today. He may change his mind tomorrow and we will all be obliged to follow the course set by our all-knowing, all-seeing director of America. Not really a director, but a ruler? Yes, that is more appropriate.

Ms. Valerie Jarret, one of Obama's early picks for his campaign and White House economic team, and an old friend apparently, declared shortly after the election that Obama would be ready to rule on day one. He was and he is still ruling. It's all going according to plan.

There was a day when rulers were all we had. There was a time when all the decisions of how an economy would function were decided by a ruler. There are places in the world today where a ruler is needed and wanted. That place is not America!

Take your ruler out of our business and stuff Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals in your trash bin. And put Cloward and Piven in that bin as well. We will not miss any of these misguided liberal lunatics or their nefarious policies. Never happen, Obama is a big, big fan.

PrezBo has taken over two car companies turning bankruptcy proceedings on its head in the process. His progressive friends have had a field day spending nearly a trillion dollars on Liberal pipe dreams. He has trashed his predecessor at every opportunity for the past 18 months. He has trashed America's reputation in Muslim countries, has sued the state of Arizona for enforcing immigration laws. He has dissed our long time friends and allies, England and Israel while praising a Honduran coup, muslims in general and the little Napoleon in Iran.

He constantly refers to any idea not consistent with his plan for changing America as bad for the country. He calls Republicans obstructionists when they don't diligently go along with his plan to destroy everything he touches. And he does all of this knowingly and intentionally because he really, truly does want to destroy America.

For if he is successful in overwhelming our system and destroying it in the process, he can justifiably continue to rebuild in his image. An image that FDR would be so proud of and an image in which he, Mr. Obama, will be the savior of the country and be worshiped and praised long into the future by his sycophantic friends and followers.

Yes, indeed. It is all going according to plan.


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