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Monday, November 21, 2011


Just Say No

That's what this administration has been doing when it comes to permitting Americans to create their own jobs their own way. Just say No.

Want 200,00 jobs in Ohio and Pennsylvania? Sorry, but no. Environmental concerns, no really, won't allow hydraulic fracturing to take place. They say it needs to be studied.......and studied.....and studied.

Want 20,00 jobs in the Midwest? Uh, no thanks. Environmental concerns, again, won't allow it because they need to study the route of proposed pipelines to ensure no future leaks. It has been studied already but, no. We need to study it again, at least until the next election has passed.

Want thousands of workers to stay on the job retrieving oil from the Gulf of Mexico? Sorry. We had a major oil leak last year, remember? It's just not safe enough for those nasty, dirty old oil rigs anymore. We must stop this now!

Want 500,000 Green Energy jobs? Wow, really. Sure, let's create them. Uh, no. This administration has its' priorities straight, of course, and the top priority is funneling loans and grants to friends of the administration through green energy companies. Jobs be damned, my supporters get theirs first, sayeth the president.

Want to stop deficit spending? Well, the US government budget has been increased around 25% since 2007. 25%!!! And Congress and this president cannot even SLOW the increase in future spending by 1 f...ing percent! Really! How adult of them.

It will severely hurt the American people if we slow the increases in our budget. It will hurt families and kids and union workers and seniors and whomever else the depends on getting something for nothing from the government.

BS. All it will hurt is the Democrats election chances.

Forget everything you've learned. The Democrats have all the answers. If it isn't related to the Progressive wish list, they have an answer.

Just Say No.

I think I will say no as well. When I mark my ballots next November.

My nickel.

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