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Thursday, September 12, 2013


Who Are You?

Who who.  Who who.  I love the Who's music.  Who else would title a song this way?  Rhetorical.

I know who I am.  I have been getting to know myself, shaping my thoughts and actions and deciding what and who I like and don't like, and identifying my core beliefs, what makes me who I am, for 62 years now.  I know who I am.

But I wonder who our president is.  I wonder if he knows who he is.  He certainly doesn't act like he knows himself.  Or maybe he just hides who he really is from the rest of us.  Why?  Perhaps because he knows most people would really not like who he really is and what he really represents.  Better to act in public as the public expects and to hide his true intentions from the world.

I don't trust him.  I don't support him.  I don't like him.  I believe he truly wants to transform this country into a top-down, government-controlled economy, all direction to come from Washington and all hail the chief.

I disagree with almost everything I have ever heard come out of his mouth and even if he says something with which I do agree, I don't believe he really means what he says at those times.  I think he is completely dishonest from his core and I believe he is 100% wrong on all of his intentions for this country.

Obama mouths words like American Exceptionalism at times but I don't think he believes it.  His recent performance concerning Syria has been exceptional but not in a good way.  I would have never believed an American president could be so naive and incompetent as this man has been particularly with the Syrian fiasco.  He created the mess and he has allowed Mr. Putin to walk all over him and make US look like complete idiots for electing a compete idiot.

That's sad.  I don't know how this will play out in the long term on the national stage but I am very afraid for our country.  The remaining 3 plus years of Obama's term are going to be a bitter hell.  His penchant for "leading from behind" has gotten US into trouble and now elevated Mr. Putin in the world's eyes.  And Mr. Putin certainly does not believe in American exceptionalism.  He thinks it is dangerous and with Obama's help, he is proving it to be false as well.  There is nothing exceptional about our president.  And that, too, is sad.

Stop a war, start a war.  Whatever Obama wants.  He knows best.  He is the one who will save our country.  He is the one who we have been waiting for.  Our savior.  Our hero.  Our embarrassing incompetent, clueless, arrogant, thin-skinned president, who was ready to rule on day one but has never been ready to lead.  Whatever he wants is what we will get.  Submit and be happy.

As the Who sang later in the song, Tell me who the f are you?


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