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Monday, October 21, 2013


Baghdad Barack

Remember good ole Baghdad Bob, the crazy man in Iraq broadcasting that the Iraqi Army was pushing back and defeating the Americans just as US tanks were rolling through the city streets and his boss Saddam was beating feet out of the city?  What a guy!

I think we have an American? version of this man in our White House today.  Baghdad Barack proclaims the same kind of loony statements that are the complete opposite of fact.

For many days he told us that the number of hits the web site got was far beyond their expectations and that everything was functioning normally.  Nothing to see here.  Just the many, many people staring at unmoving screens from a dead web site.

Then he says the Obamacare web site has a "glitch".  WOW.  He calls it a glitch.  Most technical people who have looked at the source code have called it very poorly designed.  This is a far cry from a glitch.  Glitches can be fixed quickly.  Poor design cannot.  In fact, poor design could very well lead to a complete redo.  I've seen it happen before and it ain't pretty.

Baghdad Barack says the product is good, the prices are good, it is a good deal.  He said people don't just want it, they're showing up to buy it.  He believes the health care roll out is going well despite the "glitches", or is it "kinks" now?  The 19 million people who simply accessed the web site indicates to him that the ACA is enormously successful.  One wonders then why less than .1 of 1 percent of the people who did decide to and then manage to register even bothered to sign up for an actual insurance policy.  Baghdad Barack thinks that people looking at his health care web site, for any reason, is the same thing as buying a policy. My my my.

Now I hear his team has called in a "tech surge" to fix the glitch.  From my experience, the more manpower you throw at a troubled project, the more troubled it becomes.  But at least he has finally pulled away the covers and admitted that there are severe problems with his web site.  I wonder how long before he admits there is a basic problem with the structure of Obamacare.  My guess is, he will never admit to that.

Remember September 11, 2012?  Another Baghdad Barack moment.  Actually it was more like 2-3 weeks when he tried to convince us that the riots in Lybia were all caused by a video.  He paraded all his staff out in front of the public to assure us that they were going after the man who made the video that caused the uprising and deaths of four Americans.  Even after the Lybian government stated that the riot was a planned attack Baghda Barack stuck to his statment that the video was to blame.

Baghdad Barack can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but...........he is still an ass.

My nickel,

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