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Thursday, May 29, 2014


He Sees What He Wants to See

And he hears what he wants to hear.  It makes it simple.  Keeps him from crossing over into the insanity realm.  He reads about things in the news when the rest of us read about it.  If it is a scandal about his administration, this keeps him above the fray and away from the annoying questions from the press.  LOL.  As if the press gets to ask him any "hard" questions anyway.  I am shocked, shocked I tell you!

Battling straw men is Obama's favorite pastime.  He states that putting boots on the ground is not appropriate for every international problem and says he is not going to do that.  Nobody even suggested that option.  Doesn't matter to this dude.  He's always got things under control and understand so much better than anyone else, so just stop your complaining.

He loves telling us how mad he gets and how he will get to the bottom of an issue and justice will be served.  Let me be clear, he loves to be clear except that he is truly never clear.  Unless he's talking about his NCAA basketball tournament selection picks, of course.  He is not weak.  He is strong.  Don't believe that?  Just listen to him, he'll tell you.  And if he says so it must be so, right?

This dude has been in office like 6 years and one might think he had learned a thing or two about his job but it sure isn't evident in his actions.  Lauding events in Ukraine as a good example of building a coalition to deal with problems is his idea of success.  Yey.  Watch how the West Point grads respond to his ringing speech about his foreign policy.  Jimmy Carter was more entertaining.  And probably more right.  Naw.

Seriously it has been a long time and why are we worried about a little problem like veterans dying before they can get off the secret wait list to receive medical attention.  Obviously it's more important for VA administrators to show the head dude in Washington that his mandate to reduce veteran wait times to 14-30 days is working.  Also these dudes need to have good performance reviews so they can get their much deserved bonuses, etc. for doing such a good job.  Like our president.  Secret wait list, my ass.

Shit.  Drives me nuts.  Cannot even fathom how anyone with a brain in this country still likes this dude in the White House.  Straw men, leading from behind, stating a policy is working when it is obvious to everyone that it is not working.  How does anyone still believe a word this dude says!  This emperor dude has no clothes.  And lots of people are telling him so, yet he laughs and still doesn't believe them.

He is the person we have been waiting for.  He is the MAN.  He gets things done.  lol.  He makes me sick.  Is it 2017 yet?


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


The Law of the Land

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the Law of the Land.  Ain't it grand?

President Obama to French President Hollande, "I can do whatever I want.  That's the great thing about being president."  This boast comes just minutes after he unilaterally used his pen to change the PPACA one more time to avoid political costs from this man-caused disaster.

Democrats once crowed about how Obamacare is the "Law of the Land" and Republicans just had to accept it and get used to it.  Ahem.  Then the president decided that the eponymous law was not going to do him or his fellow democrats any good in political circles, so he has proceeded to erase the political problems by postponing anything that might hurt him or his party until after the next election.

Good job, Mr. Unlawful President.  What a guy!  Mr. Banana Republic himself.  Changing America from a great world power to a Third World country with the stroke of his pen.  Or the bullshit out of his mouth.  Disgusting as hell.

This country was formed as a nation of laws.  This man has governed as a king.  The two ideas are incompatible.

It's becoming increasingly more difficult to hear about this idiot in office and all of his lawlessness day after day after day.  Nothing but lies and deceit and bullshit.  It's too much to bear.  I can't tune out completely but I am drifting farther and farther away from peacefulness and closer and closer to despair and discouragement.  How long can we endure an idiot like this as our president?

Just shoot me now so I can find some peace.  Just damn!!!!

in a not-so-good mood!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


Thank You Barack Obama

I feel I must depart somewhat from my usual line of thought to get this thought off my chest.  During the Christmas Season I often give thanks for and to the many people people who are meaningful in my life.  I have come to use my time in the shower every morning to go through my "thank you for" list to God.  Yes, I pray in the shower.  It seems to be the perfect time for reflection and cleansing my soul while I am also cleansing my body.

One person I have not been thankful for at any time is our president, Barack Obama.  He has been a disgraceful, pitifully incompetent, arrogant bastard of a president for 5 years.  There has been nothing he has said or done that I agree with.  I believe he is the most dangerous person we have ever had in that office and I sincerely hope our country can manage to stay a great country for his remaining 3 years in office.  Then we can hopefully start the recovery process to undo all the damage he has wrought upon us.

But as I am praying for my loved ones my thought process took a turn that I hadn't expected.  No, I don't feel sorry for this poor excuse of a president.  I don't agree with him still and I still believe he is truly an arrogant and dangerous man. But a slim ray of hope has appeared in my head.

Because this man is such an arrogant, elitist snob who truly thinks he know better than everyone else, his policies and decisions have awakened many sleeping people to the horrors of such a man running our country.  Because of Obamacare, more and more people every day are realizing just how dangerous and thoughtless and uncaring this man really is.  In fact, because of their blind allegiance to this man, many Democrats are finally being recognized for their failures to lead this country.  Hooray, I say.  Perhaps Americans are finally waking up to the realities of liberalism.

And for this potentially earth-shattering revelation we have the Man Behind the Curtain to thank.  This man who once said the problem he has in solving America's problems is because he is not Emperor.  It would be easier for him to remake the country in his image if he were in China, perhaps.  But, alas, he is restricted by the Constitution.  Which is really funny to hear him say since he has blindsided the Constitution more times than anyone can count.

But again, I am taking this opportunity to thank this man who has ruined so many, many lives for being exactly who he is and refusing to change.  Keep it up Barack.  You rock!

My nickel,

Thursday, October 24, 2013



Yes, that is the number for the Obamanation that is called Obamacare.  Seriously.  1-800-318-2596.  Check it our yourself.  Surely you've heard the president reciting this number as he tells the nation that even though the Healthcare.gov web site is broken, you can still call the number and sign up.

Does anyone think that this is purely coincidental?  I surely do not.  I think it is a blatant, in your face reminder that this man thinks he is sorta like a God and all the little people who dare to complain can just 318-2596 themselves.  It's just too priceless.


Monday, October 21, 2013


Baghdad Barack

Remember good ole Baghdad Bob, the crazy man in Iraq broadcasting that the Iraqi Army was pushing back and defeating the Americans just as US tanks were rolling through the city streets and his boss Saddam was beating feet out of the city?  What a guy!

I think we have an American? version of this man in our White House today.  Baghdad Barack proclaims the same kind of loony statements that are the complete opposite of fact.

For many days he told us that the number of hits the web site got was far beyond their expectations and that everything was functioning normally.  Nothing to see here.  Just the many, many people staring at unmoving screens from a dead web site.

Then he says the Obamacare web site has a "glitch".  WOW.  He calls it a glitch.  Most technical people who have looked at the source code have called it very poorly designed.  This is a far cry from a glitch.  Glitches can be fixed quickly.  Poor design cannot.  In fact, poor design could very well lead to a complete redo.  I've seen it happen before and it ain't pretty.

Baghdad Barack says the product is good, the prices are good, it is a good deal.  He said people don't just want it, they're showing up to buy it.  He believes the health care roll out is going well despite the "glitches", or is it "kinks" now?  The 19 million people who simply accessed the web site indicates to him that the ACA is enormously successful.  One wonders then why less than .1 of 1 percent of the people who did decide to and then manage to register even bothered to sign up for an actual insurance policy.  Baghdad Barack thinks that people looking at his health care web site, for any reason, is the same thing as buying a policy. My my my.

Now I hear his team has called in a "tech surge" to fix the glitch.  From my experience, the more manpower you throw at a troubled project, the more troubled it becomes.  But at least he has finally pulled away the covers and admitted that there are severe problems with his web site.  I wonder how long before he admits there is a basic problem with the structure of Obamacare.  My guess is, he will never admit to that.

Remember September 11, 2012?  Another Baghdad Barack moment.  Actually it was more like 2-3 weeks when he tried to convince us that the riots in Lybia were all caused by a video.  He paraded all his staff out in front of the public to assure us that they were going after the man who made the video that caused the uprising and deaths of four Americans.  Even after the Lybian government stated that the riot was a planned attack Baghda Barack stuck to his statment that the video was to blame.

Baghdad Barack can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time, but...........he is still an ass.

My nickel,

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Who Are You?

Who who.  Who who.  I love the Who's music.  Who else would title a song this way?  Rhetorical.

I know who I am.  I have been getting to know myself, shaping my thoughts and actions and deciding what and who I like and don't like, and identifying my core beliefs, what makes me who I am, for 62 years now.  I know who I am.

But I wonder who our president is.  I wonder if he knows who he is.  He certainly doesn't act like he knows himself.  Or maybe he just hides who he really is from the rest of us.  Why?  Perhaps because he knows most people would really not like who he really is and what he really represents.  Better to act in public as the public expects and to hide his true intentions from the world.

I don't trust him.  I don't support him.  I don't like him.  I believe he truly wants to transform this country into a top-down, government-controlled economy, all direction to come from Washington and all hail the chief.

I disagree with almost everything I have ever heard come out of his mouth and even if he says something with which I do agree, I don't believe he really means what he says at those times.  I think he is completely dishonest from his core and I believe he is 100% wrong on all of his intentions for this country.

Obama mouths words like American Exceptionalism at times but I don't think he believes it.  His recent performance concerning Syria has been exceptional but not in a good way.  I would have never believed an American president could be so naive and incompetent as this man has been particularly with the Syrian fiasco.  He created the mess and he has allowed Mr. Putin to walk all over him and make US look like complete idiots for electing a compete idiot.

That's sad.  I don't know how this will play out in the long term on the national stage but I am very afraid for our country.  The remaining 3 plus years of Obama's term are going to be a bitter hell.  His penchant for "leading from behind" has gotten US into trouble and now elevated Mr. Putin in the world's eyes.  And Mr. Putin certainly does not believe in American exceptionalism.  He thinks it is dangerous and with Obama's help, he is proving it to be false as well.  There is nothing exceptional about our president.  And that, too, is sad.

Stop a war, start a war.  Whatever Obama wants.  He knows best.  He is the one who will save our country.  He is the one who we have been waiting for.  Our savior.  Our hero.  Our embarrassing incompetent, clueless, arrogant, thin-skinned president, who was ready to rule on day one but has never been ready to lead.  Whatever he wants is what we will get.  Submit and be happy.

As the Who sang later in the song, Tell me who the f are you?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Squealer Carney

Jay Carney is Squealer!  Watch him as he talks to the White House press corps.

Squealer is the Public Relations pig from the book Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Squealer takes the central role in making announcements to the animals, as the animals leader Napoleon appears less and less often as the book progresses. Near the start of the book, it is said that he was very convincing and could turn "black into white". When the pigs, the ruling class after having overthrown the evil farmer, start to increase their power they want to be more like men, so Squealer subtly changes commandments and informs the animals that they have always been this way. ie;  "All animals are equal" is changed to "All animals are equal but some are more equal than others".  "No animal shall sleep in a bed" becomes "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets".  Such is Squealer's job. 

I'm reminded of a Groucho Marx line,"Who you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?"

Squealer Carney is Obama's key to propaganda for this lying administration.  He does his job extremely well.  This just makes him more detestable.  He is expert at turning black into white and white into black.  He can look you straight in the eye and lie, lie, lie.  And he does it with that little annoying smirk of his.

He tells us the IRS scandal is nothing more than low level rogue pukes working in the Cincinnati office.  He sticks by his story changing it ever so subtly to his amazement that Republicans are still harping on a non story, a non-scandal, even after the low level rogue pukes testify that they received their orders from Washington.  Carney will stick to whatever his rogue boss wants him to stick to.

Squealer told us last fall that the administration wasn't going to comment on the ongoing investigation into the failures in BenGhazi, Lybia.  After a few months of non comments, he then has the audacity to inform a questioner that BenGhazi was a LONG TIME AGO.  Seriously.

Squealer tells the media his boss is focused on the economy, he is not focused on phony scandals.  How interesting.  How much bullshit can one man dish out?  Rhetorical question because I believe there is NO end to the amount of bullshit this one idiot can dish out.  Squealer is like Obama's son.  I believe if Obama had a son, he may LOOK like Trayvon Martin but he would act like Squealer Carney.

Every time I look at Jay Carney I think I see a little more pink in his skin color, a little bit bigger snout, a little bit more grunting coming out of his mouth, perhaps a few curly hairs poking out of his head.  Pretty soon it will be hard to distinguish Squealer Carney from an actual pig.

And exactly what difference, at this point, does it make?

My nickel.

Friday, June 14, 2013


We're Going to Have Some Problems Here

"If people can't trust not only the executive branch, but also don't trust Congress and don't trust federal judges to make sure we're abiding by the Constitution, due process, and rule of law, then we're going to have some problems here."

Our very own Dear Leader has come to an awesome revelation!  We are definitely going to have some problems here because a growing legion of Americans do not trust the executive branch nor the Congress nor the federal judges like we once did, and that is a fact.

I might add that a growing legion of Americans also do not trust the IRS, DOJ, NSA, HHS, EPA, DHS, TSA or NLRB.  In general we do not trust our government very much at all because their actions prove that  they do not deserve our trust.
Imagine all the myriad federal, state and local legislators, regulators, agencies, etc., all defining rules of behavior for everyone to conform to and to obey.  How many laws, ordinance, rules and regulations does one person break every day without even being aware of it?  That's rhetorical because there is no way to know.
Thousands upon thousands of pages of laws and regulations, which really are standards of behavior, are created each and every year by many, many agencies of government which no single person could ever be expected to know and obey. And old laws, etc. are never gotten rid of or removed from the books.  They may become less enforced but they never disappear making it ever more likely that we will violate something and potentially held accountable for it if the government agency representative decides to enforce it.

This is not the way it is supposed to be.  Freedom is not government.

Unless we can somehow stop the growing behemoth that is government we are going to have a whole lot of problems here and those problems will not be solved by more government.  Think smaller, America, smaller government, less control over our lives, more personal responsibility, more people helping other people, fewer laws, fewer regulations, fewer government agencies controlling every aspect our lives.

If our political class does not begin to roll back some of the intrusive nature of government, we are going to have more problems than anyone ever thought possible.  We cannot stand for a complete erosion of our rights as human beings.  We cannot give ourselves to the state to do with as it wishes.  We must be free and we must not let security bend us to that will of the state.

Stand strong Americans and do not let this man or any other political hack get away from imposing their will upon us.  Like the NRA says, Stand and Fight.  We must take back our lives and stop the growth of government.

My nickel,

Friday, June 07, 2013


Back Furack

Read the title and consider it for awhile.  This is how I feel about our president.  And it makes me sad.

I can't take credit for inventing this phrase, I read it somewhere in my internet news searches but I don't remember where.

This man is such an arrogant, condescending, lying jerk that it's hard to even write about him anymore.  All I ever think when I see him on TV or hear him on the radio is, what an asshole!  And, yes, this does make me sad.

I never thought that in this country I would ever be saying such things about our president.  Respect the office, sure, but I cannot respect this man who holds it.  He has done nothing but harm since he's been in office and if he were to offer me his hand to shake, I believe I would spit on it, I detest him so much

One scandal after another and he says he knows nothing about them, read about it in the papers like everyone else.  What a load of bullshit!  Disgusting and disturbing.  It doesn't matter if he personally ordered the IRS or the Justice Department or anyone else to do anything illegal, he didn't have to say anything.  The culture of corruption he brings, the win at any cost mentality he shares with his cohorts is all it takes for illegal activity to thrive.

His political appointees do his dirty work and make no apologies about it.  They are in your face with their attitudes and are determined to carry out their boss's transformation of America one step at a time.  This administration has been attacking our way of life on so many levels and in so many areas that we can't begin to keep up with all their bullshit.

I only hope that the revelation of scandals, the latest being the PRISM spying system and the collection of phone records data, that the main stream media will denounce him and maybe enough citizens will finally realize how dangerous this man and his cohorts are to our country and our way of life.

Obama will not be satisfied with anything until his government is completely under liberal, progressive, statist control.  After all, he always tells us he knows best and is doing the right thing for America.  We simply need to trust his judgment and all will be well.

How can we not believe and idolize this savior?  He is the one we've been waiting for.  Yeah, right.

Like I said, Back Furack!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013



Our president is a liar.  Outright, no doubt about it.  A damn liar.

How anyone who has given even just a little bit of attention to what this man says does not realize this is beyond me.  I think those who stick up for him at this point cannot themselves be trusted and are every bit as complicit as he is.

He shirked his duty to the Ambassador of Lybia.  Went to bed as a battle was raging and couldn't care less what the outcome was.  As long as he got his needed beauty sleep so he could go on his campaign tour to Las Vegas the next day, he was content.  As long as he can speak he can lie and everything he says is just that, a big fat lie!

Obama is all about himself and the people of the country be damned.  He told us he would fundamentally transform America and he has been doing precisely that since he took office.  We are idiots for electing him in the first place but fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  What all did he have to manipulate to make that happen?  We are finding out, aren't we.  Dammit!

Do you believe he is dangerous yet America?  Do you see just how devious and diabolical this man is yet?  Tell me you think he had no knowledge of the IRS targeting conservative groups.  Tell me he had no knowledge of the Justice Dept tapping into reporters phone lines and intercepting their email.  Tell me he truly believed a stupid video that no one had heard of was the cause of the violence and death in Benghazi.  Tell me you believe that and I will tell you you are a stupid, ignorant idiot, useful only to a despot, like Obama, who would control you until he's through with you then cast you aside like dog shit.

This man is dangerous and cannot be trusted or believed at all.  He speaks with a forked tongue. Listen to the way he hems and haws as he tries to explain himself.  He does this because he is carefully parsing his words to make sure he doesn't tell us what he is really thinking. Because if he did, we would ALL see him as the nefarious, disgusting human being that he really is.

Sometimes he gets it wrong and lets slip his true beliefs as when he was talking to Joe the Plumber and stated that it works better if we spread the wealth around.  The thinking people knew at that time that this is what he really, really believes and this is the heart and soul of socialism, Marxism, communism, statism, whatever label you want to put on it.  His admirers dismissed us as hateful and racist.  Yeah, right.

He speaks of our country as a Democracy but it is not.  It never has been and he knows it.  He is a smart man who is using all of his followers to get what he wants.  He truly believes America is a bad country and only through his leadership can it be made into a good country,  The black folks are his people when it suits him, not when it doesn't.  Did you hear him talking to graduates at Morehead College?  He said, "lordy"!  Geez.  How black of him.

He said in that speech that we should ignore the voices that talk about tyranny,  Of course he says that because he is the tyrant.  He is the wolf in sheep's clothing knocking on the door with offers of help as his minions wait for the right time to take your liberty away from you in the name of what?  The common good, the children, we know what is best for you, we are all in it together.  Such bullshit!

This is the scoundrel we elected to lead, excuse me, RULE us.  I have said I believe the old phrase, "most men do not truly desire liberty, they wish only for a just master".  This man is not Just!.  He is rotten to the core and has only his own best interests at heart. He does not care one iota about anyone else and he will do and say whatever it takes to make his plan happen.  He will abandon you when it suits his plans.  He will use you and abandon you without a second thought.  That's just the way he is wired.

He is a liar.  A big, fat liar!  I hope to God we can survive the next four years with this idiot at the helm.  I'm upset.  I'm mad as hell but I have no idea what to do about it.  I'll keep on prepping and hope for the best.  The best would be this man out of office in a hurry.

God help us now.

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